Sunday, November 26, 2006

good family time

Well, Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday....we had a good one this year, as always. I had such a sweet time having my friend Meg visit for a few days. Jonah became very attached to his "auntie Meg" and was sad to see her go. We ate WAY too much food that day, as my family (on my mom's side) gathered at her house for dinner. It was crazy and loud, as it usually is when all of us get together. But that's how I love it....I'm so thankful for my family and opportunities like that to spend time together. It just doesn't happen often enough anymore. It was great seeing my cousin Lacey...only it felt like it wasn't long enough, and I am enjoying getting to know my cousins' wives, Jennifer and Heather, more and loving on their sweet kids. It was a great day. We missed family we couldn't be with....Blake and Amy, Candy, Jen and Eric, and all the rest. And to the Estes women....I especially missed day-after-Thanksgiving-shopping with you! =) We'll have to make up for it at New Years!

Jonah's vocabulary is just exploding. There aren't many words that he doesn't at least try to say when we ask him to, and most of them are getting pretty clear and discernible. The doctor says his verbal skills may mean earlier potty training.....scary!! I'm definitely not ready for that. But this child sure is keeping us laughing a whole lot. He says "please" in the sweetest voice, but lots of times, I have no idea what he is so very politely asking for, and I feel so bad for him. I guess he thinks we can read his mind. A friend and old college roommate of mine, Melody (Jordan) Slaton, and her husband Dustin came to visit us last night. They got married the week before Joel and I did, and we hadn't seen each other since our weddings, so we had fun going to Posados with them and catching up. They came over to the house after dinner, and Jonah really put on a show for them. He was such a clown and was very aware of how funny he was, so he kept being silly to try to get a reaction from them. Reminds me of another "clown" I know.....his dad. =)

So excited the Christmas season has begun! So far, Jonah has avoided all kinds of mishaps and disasters with the tree. He LOVES the Christmas lights. But I'm thinking he might be scared of Santa.

Enjoy our recent pics!


Melody Slaton said...

We sure enjoyed seeing you guys. I only wish we lived closer so we could hang out more. You are going to have a fun Christmas this year with Jonah. Make sure you keep us fully informed.