Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm an Aunt Again!!!'s a BOY!!!!!!!

Meet Brady Kyle Luce

This precious little guy came in a hurry last night! He wasn't due for three more weeks. In fact, Amy was scheduled for an induction on the 21st, but at 10:00pm last night, Amy came down to tell Blake she was having contractions. They made it to the hospital by 10:25 and he entered the world at 11:25pm! Yep, all that in an hour and a half! She'd had no signs of labor, but she got hit with the stomach virus yesterday and was throwing up sick all day. Evidently, stomach viruses can make you go into labor! Who knew!?! She was so dehydrated...I can't imagine what it felt like to go into labor while that weak (and still throwing up!), but she is a strong woman!!! They're all doing well. I can't believe he's here!

I'm feeling a little cocky about my gender-prediction track record (for other people, of course) more to add to the Win column! =)

Oh, nephews are so much fun! Sweet Brady, I can't wait to meet you and squeeze those puffy cheeks and give you lots of kisses!!!

Well, this has been my bright spot in the middle of a week of the flu. I haven't really been out of bed since Sunday night, and I only opened the computer for a second to announce to the world the birth of baby Brady. It's back to bed for me, and when I'm well again, I'm sure you'll hear and see lots more of this little guy!


Christa said...

Oh Hannah...the flu? Have you been to the doctor? Can you take the medicine when you are pregnant? I can truly empathize with you and I am feeling just a bit guilty. I sure hope I wasn't the one to pass it on to you. Have you been cursing me all week?

Congratulations on the adorable nephew! That is exciting and get well soon!

Courtney said...

so sorry about the flu! jeff has been sick here and today i had mouth surgery, so we are one crazy household right now, along with creighton teething and jackson begging for attnetion that neither of us is "up" for giving...oh its a madhouse...hope you are better soon

Betsy said...

Feel better- how yucky!

Brady is so cute- what chubby cheeks he has for being early!

the melton's said...

Congratulations! He's a cutie...his coloring looks perfect. Hope you're feeling better!