Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone's Easter is filled with joy over the sweetness of Christ and what He offers us!

Our day has been a good one. At church this morning, Joel had to help with some things and wasn't able to sit down by me for quite a while during the service. My parents would have joined us for church (we go to different campuses of the same church), but they had ministry responsibilities there as well. So I sat alone. I had a moment where I almost felt sad about it. It felt weird to be myself on Easter. A song was sung that reminded me of my late grandparents, as my Pop used to sing it often at his little rural church he pastored. Songs can take me back so quickly to someplace in the past. I thought about how most of my Easter Sundays growing up were spent with extended family. A lot of them in those teeny rural churches Pop pastored. Sometimes we were at our own church, but lots of Easters were spent in Lufkin, where my relatives lived. I thought about how different today's experience was from many Easter church experiences in my past. And I really almost felt sad. But before I could finish that thought, I felt relief. Relief that I was at my home church. The place I love. And I wasn't without my church family. There are so many people in church on Easter who don't call that particular church home. And that's not bad. But I'm glad that today I felt at home. You see, while Easter IS a special Sunday for very special reasons, I really don't want my church experience to be any different than it is any other Sunday of the year. I realize it is. Because I'm inconsistent and lazy in my worship sometimes. But I hope that the Lord grows me to a place where I am in awe of His gracious gift of the cross and His incomparable resurrection power every Sunday. And every day of the year. There was this little girl sitting in front of me during church who had to have been younger than two. I heard her whispering to her mom, "Where is Jesus? Where did Jesus go?" as she looked around. I couldn't hear the mom's response, but I giggled and then realized how much I could learn from kids. I wish I would more often seek Him like this little girl was seeking Him! With an expectation that she was going to see Him! Reminded me of Jeremiah 29:13.

Today is also the first day in over a week that it's just been me, Joel, and Jonah at home together, and it has been so nice spending good time with my boys! This past week was crazy busy, so I haven't had time to update my blog or the physical energy to do anything beyond the necessities! I am very tired and looking forward to some rest this week. But it's been SO FUN! Oh, the trip to Kentucky was great. And although it's unlike me to spare you a detailed report, I just am too far behind to go into all that we did...lots of catching up to do from the last week, so it will have to be brief. "Brief" for me. =) The traveling went great. Really. Not bad at all being in the car all day long two out of five days. God answered some prayers for my back! And Jonah's time with his cousins was all he dreamed it would be...and more. They just played nonstop! Jonah's ears didn't work very well the whole time we were there....he was too busy playing to hear me say anything! But it was a blast seeing them all together! They're all getting so big. And I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Blake and Amy as well...what a blessing to have a brother and sister-in-law who are such good friends. But the highlight of the trip?? This little guy:

He's such a sweetie!!! I miss him so much.

Jonah holding Brady for the first time:

Proud Aunt Hannah:

Thanks, y'all, for a great visit! You were sweet and gracious to let us all stay with made sacrifices (especially with sleeping arrangements) that were much appreciated. Love you!

When we returned home, Joel's mom was here, and she brought Joel's youngest niece, McKenna, with her. It was such a good visit! Jonah loved having McKenna (who just turned eight) to play with. He has not been lacking in playmates for the last week, that's for sure! The weather has been warm and sunny since we've been back, so we've had lots of good outside time. We all went to the zoo, along with everyone else in town. I'm thinking Spring might be here to stay! I sure hope so.

We had breakfast with Nanny and McKenna at Cracker Barrel before they headed home, then we loaded up and drove to Athens for a family lunch and Easter Egg Hunt at my aunt Joy's house. Cousins and cousins' kids all came in for it, and it was good to see them. Although it never feels like long enough. It was so lovely being able to sit outside and eat lunch - Joy made it so cute and the food so yummy. I just love all of those fun people in my family! As you can see from the pictures below, it's impossible to get Jonah to look at the camera and smile at the same time when he's with his cousins. I've given up for now.

Fun with eggs:

And some of my little boy this morning (Can't believe he's so close to being THREE!!):


Kate said...

Love the pictures! Ya'll are a sweet family!

Courtney said...

cute cute

the melton's said...

Jonah's such a handsome little man. I love his's so full of joy!

Angela said...

Jonah is sooooooo adorable in the flower pictures!!!! He is growing into a handsome young man. When are you due? I know it is coming up really soon. We miss you guys!!! Hope all is well!!!!!

Christa said...

I bet holding that sweet baby got you even more eager to meet Parker. I am glad you survived your car ride and hope you get lots of rest this week! That is a lot to come home to company. I can imagine you are wiped out.

Becky said...

You guys look wonderful! Happy Easter!

Jennifer said...

Goodness we miss ya'll!!! Jonah's so big and cute! U look great Hannah! Happy Easter!