Monday, April 7, 2008


Well, the weekend was good. Garage sale went well. We had it on Saturday, and we ended it early afternoon. I don't know how some of you do it for two or three days! Those six hours wore me out! But I'm thankful for the little bit of money we made. Don't get me started on PEOPLE WHO STEAL. They make me mad.

Saturday evening, we went to my friend Shelly's husband's 30th birthday party. Shelly always throws a great party. I ate so much! Our mutual friends Chandra and Rusty came with their new baby girl, and it was so fun to see Chandra for a little bit! We were friends with them in Oklahoma and haven't seen each other in a year. Baby Lillian is precious! Really a sweet baby. I am kicking myself for not taking pictures. I'll make up for it when Chandra comes back next month, when Shelly has her baby. Last night we had our community group over for a was a great time. I just love this time of year when it's warm and you can use the outdoors in entertaining. The men grilled in the backyard with the kids (except for the two sweet little babies) while the women mostly sat inside and was a great set-up for us! Really nice. =) I look forward to getting to know those ladies better. It is a fun group. I'm spending today getting items ready for the big consignment sale this week. Lots of work to do, but hopefully it will be worth it on Wednesday night when I go shopping there!

I feel like I was a poor blogger last week. My two posts dealt solely with physical pregnancy issues. And while that has been a big part of the last week, it seems a little deceiving to write only about that when there has been so much more going on. God has been showing me a lot this week....almost too much to attempt to process in words. And sometimes when He does that...when He touches your life and relationships in a such a real, personal just don't know where to even begin to try to explain. And some things you just can't explain. Some of them are meant to stay personal anyway. And today, I'm choosing to accept that. I accept that I don't owe anyone details. And while it feels weird to only talk about surface things when there has been so much more, I'm realizing that it isn't inauthentic at all. Some things are just reserved as a part of my journey with the Lord. And I'm ok with that.

The reason I'm even mentioning it at all? Because God absolutely deserves my praise. I just can't get over what He's done for my heart and faith this week. For the last week, my husband and I have been really intentional about our marriage. Really focusing on improving in some areas. And it has been such a good process! One that has just amazed me. I can't say it's all been easy. But it's been so good. Our sermon series at church right now is about intimacy in relationships, and it's been very timely for us. We've realized that you can spend so much time with each other, share so much physical space, and still not be very close. And it's easy to get in a rut and just be roommates with your spouse instead of having a really intimate relationship. Intimacy is something you fight for. So we've been busy fighting for it! It's involved lots of quality time and open communication. Vulnerability. Humility, forgiveness, love, restoration. Enjoyment of each other. Intentionality in knowing one another. It's just been one intense week of doing all the things that help get you out of the rut. And it's been wonderful. Some of the communication is stuff that we are just learning to do for the first time! We feel a little like newlyweds in some ways! But this was so needed. And I'm very thankful for it. I'm thankful for a husband who cares about our relationship and wants to put effort into improving it. He's made me feel loved by that. But I'm really thankful for a God who is in the business of doing little miracles for us. A common prayer of mine is to see God's power at work around me. I envision how good that kind of life would be. A life where God's power is constantly visible in the lives around me....where I see Him change people. Where my children see that. Where our family is continually connected to life-changing situations and the people who are a part of them. But I can be so dumb....sometimes I just look for it in others' lives and I forget to acknowledge the sweet gifts of His power in my own life. I miss the little miracles He does. I'm so glad He LOVES to restore and breathe new life into relationships. He loves it. And it is beyond me how and why He sometimes answers prayers for it way after we gave up on our requests. The mercy of God in those situations just astounds me. So, the Lord caught my attention in a new way this week. And as I sat in church yesterday, a line from one of my favorite worship songs hit me in a whole new way, in light of these sweet things God has done for me and my marriage this week:

"Savior. He can move the mountains. My God is Mighty to Save..."

Just remembering who He is and how that qualifies Him to do marvelous things beyond my expectations or comprehension motivates me all the more to ask Him for the things He places on my heart. He is a God who can move mountains. How often do I sing that like I really believe it? My delight in Him doing that for me this week has contained some surprise, to be honest, that ultimately revealed an apparent lack of belief and faith on my part. I want to believe Him for so much more!

And as I contemplated this while we sang "Mighty to Save," a verse came to mind. One my friend Kelli has encouraged me with before about many things....Its words are sweet: "Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you." - Jeremiah 32:17. Nothing!


Courtney said...

way to go joel...making your bride feel like a newlywed...that is magnificent and hannah I commend you at being pregnant and working on intimacy...we all know that is no easy task...way to go friend. can't wait to see you! so sorry about your prego issues...that is NO fun at all...

Hannah E. said...

Yes, way to go joel!

(I meant the newlywed part to mean that we're back at square one in some areas, learning how to communicate. It's like we're starting over in some ways. And that takes work. I'm not talking about intimacy in the bedroom context so much as in just knowing one another and sharing the deeper parts of ourselves.)

But even the "work" makes me feel loved! =)

Christa said...

I love that verse!!! Thanks for sharing. It is always encouraging to me to hear how active and alive our God is and I think He displays that in all the different ways he is ministering to us at one time. Marriage is work...but man is it rewarding when we are willing to do the work.

Marci H said...

I love watching God's power working around me also. I love it when He pulls off the impossible. I enjoyed reading this post- - -it made stop and think once again of how amazing our God is!!

I am glad you share with us little bits of your personal journey with God- - -it is a great testimony to His power and love!!