Sunday, October 26, 2008

More of Parker

I finally got new batteries for my camera, so hopefully I'll be taking more pictures again! At the bottom of this post are a few pics of Parker from last week. I figured I should do a little update on the little lady.

She is SWEET SWEET SWEET! After a rough start to life (first 6 weeks), she really decided she enjoys life on earth. And we're enjoying her enjoying it. She has a very pleasant temperament almost all of the time, is very smiley, and LOVES interaction with people. She's all about attention! She lights up every time you look at her and say something. She just eats it up when people talk to her. Especially in that silly voice people tend to use when talking to babies. She is easy!

Because of loving people interaction and attention, Parker is loving her brother, and he is being so sweet to her! It's getting so fun watching their bond form. She laughs SO HARD at him, and it's this precious chuckle. She ONLY has laughed at him. We cannot make her laugh no matter what we try. But she'll so crack up at him. It's always when he's doing something completely silly or weird. He's a pretty funny kid when he's not trying to be, and she's picked up on that.

She is on formula completely, eats rice cereal, and has also added green beans, peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes to her list of foods tried. She definitely prefers the orange veggies to the greens. Next up: squash. I wanted to wait a lot longer to start solids, but her pediatrician suggested we do it earlier in order to help with her reflux. She's still on prevacid twice a day...I tried to decrease her dosage, and it didn't go very well. Now I know I should leave those kinds of decisions to people with medical degrees. But we know now to stay on the meds. And as long as she's on them, she's great!

She's changing so makes me really sad. But I love this age. It's such a fun time, and I'm eating it up while I can. I know she won't stay a baby for long.

I have more to blog about in the next few days...a visit to the pumpkin patch, an engagement party I threw for my cousin last night, our church's Halloween block party today, and some funny Jonah conversations. We've had a full week. It's been good.


Shelly said...

She's a cutie pie Hannah! Thanks for updating us on her. I've been wondering about her and what she looks like currently! Her hair is longer! She has changed so much! I'm happy she's so easy and fun!

Chad, Callie, Connor said...

Parker is just the cutest little thing! So sweet! Yes, we attend the UB campus. We are members of Greg and Alissa's caregroup. We've been going to GCC going on 2 years now, lived in Tyler for 4 years. We will be moving to the Dallas area soon as my husband has accepted a job there.

Adriane said...

She is so cute!!! We went to Joe's Italian Grill the other night. It was so good. I was telling Chris that you, Hannah suggested it. When we were leaving Avery pointed to the resturaunt and said "Jonah's store". We were like what and she said it again. It was funny. I guess Avery knows that you belong to Jonah.

Marci said...

She is CUTE CUTE CUTE!! I miss baby girls- - - uh, I didn't say that!