Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life As We Know It....

is about to change!

Parker Jane is up on all fours, rocking. I am soooo not ready for this. I don't feel prepared to fight battles over Christmas decorations, so she better not start moving around before the season ends. And she's pretty fiesty, y'all. Oh, she's sweet. But I think she knows what she wants all the time, and once she can move to get it, well, she'll move to get it and little will stop her. Changing her diaper has become a struggle thanks to this new fiestiness. I think she'll be the kid that is into everything. Jonah wasn't that kid. So this will be...different. But oh goodness, she is pretty cute these days. She's been changing too much lately though. Her first year is flying by, and I don't think I'm ok with it. I will be leaving the baby stage kicking and screaming, just so you know.

Has this Christmas season felt a little weird and different to y'all? Fewer houses have outside lights here this year. I have received five Christmas cards total. Usually, at this point in December my fridge is covered with Christmas cards and faces of people I love. What is up this year? I think it's the economy. And I really hate hearing people say "It's the economy" about everything right now. But either people are saving money this year on cards and postage, or the number of people who like me enough to send me a card dropped this year by about 98%. I hope it's the economy.

Tomorrow night is the annual girly Christmas party that Ame and I host for our girlfriends and new friends we want to get to know better. It's a cookie exchange this year, and I have yet to decide on what cookie I will bake. But I am so excited for tomorrow to come! It's such a fun time! For us, the hostesses. And for the cool, hip people who are coming. Probably not so much for all of the people who have declined the invitation. They must not know that THIS is the party of the year! Not one to miss! Highly anticipated! Better than all the rest! Someone needs to tell them.

Jonah has been playing all morning with his zoo animals (his all-time favorite thing to do), but now the stable and manger and animals from his nativity scene are making it into his animal fun. Every once in a while, baby Jesus makes an appearance. To feed the animals or something. It's all very interesting to watch. He's drawn to the nativity story more this year than anything else, and I'm grateful for that. But I know it's all because of his interest in the animals that were present at Jesus' birth. But maybe that's how God starts drawing in a three year old. I'm ok with it. (Some people might have a problem with it though...I mean, right at this very second, there is an elephant, moose, kangaroo, and zebra inside the stable.) We're celebrating this interest of his though, and tonight we are going to a drive-through live reenactment of events in Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. A local church offers this to the public, it's open tonight through Saturday, and it's great! We've been the last two years, but this year will be so much more exciting for Jonah. They have live animals. Like camels and donkeys. And they're right by your car. HEAVEN for Jonah.

I love the holidays. Even if they are a little bit weirder this year.


Kate said...

I was just noticing today how few Christmas cards are on my refrigerator. I was thinking everyone decided to take me off the list this year!

Will you send me the name of the church that has the drive-thru nativity? I would love to take my family to do that. Sounds neat!

Looking forward to the Christmas party tomorrow. Justin informed me last minute that he has a meeting to go to. But, no worries...I told him I HAD to go to this party, so I got Justin's mom to help me out. I've been thinking about my cookies for weeks! I wouldn't miss any party hosted by my two fun girlfriends!

Amanda said...

You won't be getting a christmas card from me, but it won't be because I took you off my list :-) We didn't do christmas cards this year, and oddly enough, we didn't put lights on our house either. Christmas has come up way too fast this year with Thanksgiving being late, so there is just no time and energy for it this year. btw, get ready because Camden is one of those 'gets into everything' kids no matter how many discipline actions are taken. He is just WAY too curious for his own good and keeps me on my toes constantly!

Jennifer said...

Same noticed on the Christmas cards, but I know i just don't have mine together and ready to go yet. Just took a pic for the cards, and I still have to address them! So, I still love ya, just less organized. I blame the economy on that. J/K. My mom works for the USPS, and she says they haven't been nearly as busy. I think lots of people just aren't spending the money on christmas cards and postage.

Good luck with the crawling. Maybe you'll make it through Christmas before she really gets going to where she can get into stuff!

Courtney said...

we'll always love you, but yeah, no cards this year. i hate not doing it, but we just can't, so we aren't. it saves us a lot of hassle and about 200$ when it is all said and i have a blog that people can read :) and even better see lots of pictures!

Shelly said...

I just want to say that I am sad that I cannot go to your fun party again this year! I don't have any Christmas parties to go to this year. Isn't that sad!! And, as for the Christmas cards...I haven't done one b/c I feel overwhelmed. Maybe I can get a New Years card out, but if I don't do New Years maybe it will be a valentine's!!! Haha! Have fun at your cookie exchange!