Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Doing Laundry With My Boy

Ok, I just can't resist telling you about Jonah helping me with the laundry this morning. It was so funny, I don't want to forget it. He said some hilarious things. I had a massive pile of clean clothes that I needed to fold. I tried to get him interested in something else. It didn't work. He kept telling me, "I clean up, Mommy," as he pulled clothes out of the basket and handed them to me on the couch. He's started saying "Mommy" in or at the end of all of his sentences as if to say, "I'm talking to you. Don't ignore me. You need to respond, Mommy. I will keep saying the same thing until you acknowledge what I have said." Seriously. He follows through with that too. So, Jonah was very determined to help. And he did help, he put things where I told him to and followed directions really well. I cannot believe how long he stayed focused on the task. He did this with me until the very last item of clothing, and I'm telling you, there was a LOT of clothes to fold. He has been initiating the use of "thank you" more, just not really in context usually. For instance, he handed me an article of clothing and sweetly said, "Thank you, Mommy." He kept saying things like, "I like this," and "I like green shirt," as he pulled out one of his green shirts out of the basket. (You can tell he's spent a lot of time shopping with his mommy in his two years of life! He's picked up on a few of my "shopping" comments!) Then, he pulled out a pair of my underwear and said "panties!" which I'd never heard him say before. It sounded so funny, I started laughing. But then he said, "Mommy, I like panties." No kidding! "I like red panties, Mommy." I was rolling. It only got better when he referred to a pair of Joel's boxers as "Daddy's panties"! HEEEHEEEEHEEEHEEEHEEE! I love this kid. How did he end up so funny?!
More Jonah talking stories to come, I'm sure.


Angela said...

HOW CUTE!!!!! I am rolling in my chair right now. That is soooo funny. He has such a personality. Isn't it amazing how much they have changed in one year?? I miss you by the way and think of you often. We need to get together and make that road trip to Oklahoma. I am just let me know. I showed Payten your blog the other day and it was soo cute to see the smile on her face when she saw you and Jonah. She remembers you guys!! Talk to you soon.

Melody Slaton said...

That's SO funny!! I'm going to have to tell Dustin. I love hearing about Jonah's new phrases.