Friday, May 4, 2007

Love Those Luces!

We're having so much fun having Blake, Amy, Nathan, and Maggie visiting. They got here yesterday, and Jonah has enjoyed all of them immensely. Much to our surprise, he and Maggie have really taken a liking to each other this time! They are playing together so well. They're definitely buds now. Jonah still adores "Na-Na" too. Thought I'd go ahead and post some pics of our time with them yesterday, cause who knows, there may be lots more photos coming by the end of their trip! I love the pic of Jonah and Maggie digging around in the pantry. That's what they like to do. They love to go get a snack and then when Mom and Dad tell them they can't have it, they go straight to Gigi or Papa T to get what they want. They're smart though, it hasn't taken them long to learn to just skip over mom and dad and take their requests straight to the grandparents! And they've learned there's power in numbers. They work together on these little projects.