Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sweets With Santa

This morning we took Jonah to have his picture taken with Santa. A local church's MOPS group set up this event where you can take your own picture with Santa for only $5 (or have a photographer take a 5x7 for $10). I was very excited. What a great idea they had. Jonah was not overly affectionate with Santa or anything. He climbed up there and sat in his lap and definitely had his brave face on. We finally got him to smile once for a picture. When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, Jonah said, "a baseball." That's news to us today. Jonah just remained very serious the whole time. He was most excited about the cookie they gave him on the way out. Just wanted to share this (yet to be edited and cropped) picture because it makes me happy.


the melton's said...

It makes me happy, too. He looks JUST like Joel in that picture.