Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Four Days Old

I can't believe we have a four-day old baby! In some ways, it seems like Parker has just always been here! How weird is it that I find it hard to remember what last week was like...with just three of us. Our family life just has just a sense of completeness right now. We're just loving our new family member like crazy. Jonah has been sweet with her. Unfortunately, the last couple of days, he's had a runny nose and cough, so it's been hard getting him to keep his germy self off of her! He wants to give lots of hugs and kisses. And we're working on "gentle." He's getting there. He's definitely trying to figure out what we all think of him and how things are or aren't different. He's working hard for attention and approval. Thankfully, for now it's by trying to be extra good and obedient! But he's definitely much clingier and desiring more affection. But it's like he's scared to do anything bad because he wants our approval so badly right now. We want to be careful with how we respond to that...it's weird seeing those typical "firstborn traits" show up so very quickly after the change from only child to firstborn of two children! The real test of how he's doing with the transition will come when Joel goes back to work. Presently, Jonah doesn't want daddy doing anything without him!

As for Miss Parker herself, we've had a great few days! Her first two nights at home, she woke up every three hours to eat. Like clockwork. She slept solidly in between. And last night, she went over three hours between nighttime feedings and almost four hours one time. I'm liking that. She's been mostly sleepy during the day. And I know that's normal for newborns, but Jonah didn't sleep at all as a newborn...so this is new for us! When awake, she's been very happy and content. She's only had a couple of fussy periods, due to gas, that have lasted about 30 or 40 minutes. One of them was yesterday when our friends, the Jenzes, were over visiting. Poor Jon thinks it's his fault since he was holding her when the crying began. Will someone please tell him he can't give a baby gas! =) But other than that, she's been easy breezy at this point.

I'm feeling really good. My delivery was pretty easy (I'll save that story for another post) and recovery hasn't been bad at all. We were home from the hospital shortly after noon on Saturday. I've had very little pain. Except for this horrible arm and shoulder pain associated with my rhogam shot. I've heard this kind of painful reaction can happen, but my rhogam shots have never hurt like this. That part has not been fun. But I'm really thankful for my mom who has come over the last few days early in the morning and stayed most of the day, cooking meals for us, keeping the house clean, doing laundry and ironing, helping with kiddos, allowing me some nap time here and there, and just being available to help in whatever way I need help. It's a HUGE blessing. She'll be helping us all week, as we need her, and Joel has one more day off this week. I've LOVED having him home these last few days. He may be getting a little stir crazy though! Between both of them here, it's been a lot easier. We've just been hanging out and enjoying time with friends and family visiting. It's been a very good week. I'm tired, but I can't say it's been stressful at all.

And now for more pictures...

Coming home from the hospital:

And here are a few of the pretty girl the last couple of days:

I can't get over how gorgeous she is! I kiss those cheeks a billion times a day and I love how intense her eye contact is. I could stare into them all day. She's just perfect. And my heart has filled so fast with dreams for her life and for our relationship and for our whole sweet family. I am blessed.


Christa said...

I am so happy for you all! Isn't it amazing how you feel like a family so quickly and you can't imagine going back. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

Courtney said...

sweet! so glad for all of you! glad jonah is on the obedient side of it all for your sake! :)

i don't know why i "need" to know but you never said (or i might be an idiot) how much she weighed and how long she was! just curious :)

love you friend...so happy for you all

Dalene said...

She's so sweet and kissable!

Aubrey said...

So sweet! Congratulations! She is a keeper...we look forward to meeting her the next time you all are in B'ville.

Jennifer said...

Congrats!!! She is a cutie!! I see Joel's eyes and your lips I think...glad you are doing well! Jonah will be a great big brother! I pray for you abundant rest today!!