Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Thoughts

There are several random things I'm thinking and feeling about this Mother's Day:

I am thankful for my own mother, who led me to my Savior and has taught me so much about the Lord, all the while modeling selfless love and generous service. And she has loved my child so purposefully - I know she "grandparents" his heart in the same way I desire to "parent" his heart: in a way that nurtures his understanding of the Heavenly Father. And that fills my heart with joy.

I am grateful for the woman who mothered my husband. He's a good one, and I'm glad she gave birth to him!

I can't help but think of all the people I know who long to be mothers and are still waiting for God to answer their heart cry. The faces of several women I know in that position have been running through my mind today, and I want to recognize their pain. I hope they escape much hurt and insensitivity from others this Mother's Day. I feel the same sadness for those whose mothers aren't on earth anymore. I am saying prayers for God to give these women a special portion of grace today, making their journey through this valley somehow sweeter, turning sadness into some sort of celebration, as only He can supernaturally do.

I am immensely thankful for my own experience of being a mother. It has been a remarkable gift...its joys are indescribable and even its challenges are rich in purpose and significance. I can't believe my sweet Jonah will turn three years old in less than a month! What an amazing three years of motherhood. His life blesses me so much more than I ever would have thought possible. I am also thankful for the life of his sister, as we prepare to meet her. I also find myself thankful for another child of mine that I did not get to know on this earth, reveling in the perspective, growth, and joy that has come from such a difficult journey. My experience as a mother has not been long on time, but, my, how full my cup feels already.

As fun as it is to have a special day to commemorate the special gift that mothers are
and how nice and appreciated it is for husbands and children to honor the moms of their families, I am reminded of a sweet truth today. One that I am most thankful for. However much or little recognition we receive here on earth for our service as mothers really isn't as significant as I once thought. I am so glad my worth does not come from my role as mother (or anything else). I am also glad that we don't have to measure our success by the level of appreciation and admiration we receive from those around us. Their view of our mothering is not what makes us who we are. Our identity is found in Christ. Alone. Not in gifts or cards or special demonstrations of love given on a particular day. Or the lack of them.


Angela said...

I love what you wrote about being a mother. Oh soooo true!!! Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts God has given me. And it gets sweeter every day. My due date is December 22nd. I am already showing!!!! I cannot wait to meet this little sweetie pie. Any sugggestions on the sex of the baby? You are always right!! I cannot wait to meet Parker. Paytie and I want to come up and see her once you guys get settled in. I will be praying for a safe and healthy delivery. Congrats!!!! :) Love ya friend!

Marci said...

Great post Hannah! I love your depth and thoughtfulness.

Rod spoke a little this morning about the pains of being a mother and 3 people shared testimonies of the struggles of being mothers- - because we CARE SO MUCH. It was neat to see the focus on the hard parts of motherhood, but how God carries us through it and refines us into more mature Christians because of it.
Anything that is worth anything requires some struggle and pain- - -definitely A LOT of that in the motherhood journey. . .right from the pregnancy.