Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jonah's Three Now!

We had a fun time celebrating Jonah's birthday, full of thanks for the blessing of the past three years and his sweet little life thus far. I finally followed through with the intention I've had since he turned one to write a birthday letter to him every year on his birthday and put in a special journal for him to have one day. Sadly, his journal won't include his first two birthdays, no thanks to his procrastinating mom. But I finally did it this year, and boy did I have lots to say! I was going to post it on here, but I think I'll just save it for him. It was good to sit and purposefully reflect on the age Jonah is right now, what his strengths, personality, character, and quirks are and the glimpses I get to see of how God may use them. There were definitely some tears flowing as I wrote it. He's an amazing little guy; I can't believe I get to be his mommy.

The day began with Jonah blowing out candles on his waffles (yes, his waffles) and opening one of his presents from us. He was excited! He told me he wanted to tell someone he was three. Thankfully, several family members called him during the morning so he had someone to tell! It was so hard for him to wait until the evening for his party, which, by the way, included just us, my parents, and a couple of buddies. We kept it very small and low-key this year, mainly due to the timing of Parker's arrival, and it was so very perfect. I'm really happy we did it this way! It was so laid-back that I felt like we could enjoy our time and I wasn't consumed with "hosting" duties this time. I so loved that. We ate pizza and played at Chuck E. Cheese's, and he had a great time. We so appreciated the love shown to him by friends and family on his birthday!

There was such a large amount of enthusiasm among these three right at this moment, making a good photo where everyone was looking at the same time an impossibility:

Blake really enjoyed his cake:

Having lots of fun playing:

Brantley having a good time:

Don't exactly know why Jonah had his hands behind his head like that. So funny! He was relaxing on the ride:

Jonah with Gigi and Papa and the robotic Chuck E. that none of the kids cared for AT ALL. (Why did they pick such a creepy character to be the face of their restaurant??)

Aw, the family of four! (So sad. Left her bow at home that night.)

And yes, little sister has reflux. It's been hard to watch her in pain. Pray that this medicine helps her soon! It's been interesting....


Courtney said...

I haven't ever thought that Jonah has looked like anyone but Joel, but his looks are changing as he gets "older" it seems because I saw some of you in him in those pictures! :)
Fun family pics! Sorry about the reflux...the meds are a PAIN in the booty because of the timing you have to do with feeding, but they do help!

Aubrey said...

Oh...how fun. His cake was cute! I love the candles in the waffles idea...what a great way to help spread out the birthday fun throughout they day. You have a beautiful family of four!!!

Kate said...

Brantley had so much fun at the party. He's asking to have his birthday party there now, so we may be copying you!

khowze said...

Very cute three year old and beautiful family!

the melton's said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Jonah! It's hard to believe he's already 3!!

So sorry about the reflux. I hope that medicine kicks in soon!