Friday, August 1, 2008

Stop Me Next Time I Start to Say Something Like....

"This is my new plan."

I remember writing that in the last post. And I should know by now that God likes to remind me that even when He gives me plans and they are good ones, He still reserves the right to change them. Whenever He wants. And change them He did, this week. I've been sick ever since Monday afternoon, have had to cancel every fun thing that was planned, and haven't gotten one thing done other than meeting the basic survival needs of my children. And even that just barely got done! My "plan" to get organized has failed miserably. This has not been fun. Why oh why do I let my plans turn into idols? Why do I even need to have a system in place when it's obvious that right now God wants me living in the moment, trusting in His grace for that day alone. Not that He doesn't want me to get organized or to plan. I just am convicted that I fail to seek His leadership on the whens and hows of my daily responsibilities and I try to plan out life days in advance without waking up each day with the question, "Lord, what do you have for me today?" and begging Him for the power to accomplish it all. No wonder I'm burdened by so many undone tasks! I'm forgetting to live one day at a time. And nothing like some physical sickness to remind me that one-day-at-a-time-living is all I can do!


Courtney said...

sorry you are sick. at least you learn your lessons quickly ;) I usually have to take the extended field trip

Dalene said...


I love the way we can see your thought process working out. It's real, and you're letting God direct you. I'm so sorry you're sick. I have often reflected that being sick w/ young ones is the worst.

Blessings to your day!

Amanda said...

Ha ha! It's funny because after reading your post a couple of days ago, I realized that my "to do" list is about three months expired, so I attempted to crack down on it and vow to complete the whole list in a week. My attempts failed because as soon as I started on my 'to-dos', Camden gets an ear infection. Lesson learned for me too.

Marci said...

My to do list is to MAKE a to do list- - -but after reading this post . . .maybe I shouldn't.


Sorry you have been sick!

Christa said...

I am sorry you are sick, but I appreciate the reminder. How easy it is to fill my days with activity (even if they are good activities) and push God out, because there isn't time.

I so appreciate how quickly you see God in the daily life. I LOVE that you share that. It is easy for me to miss simple things and lessons because I am busy.