Monday, August 6, 2007

Girl Day #2

Well, I had the best time on Saturday when Kelli came to visit. She, Kate and I hung out while our crazy children ran around the house, playing and having so much fun together. I did a terrible job remembering to take pictures, even after I had just written about it that very morning...oh well. The day was so fun, in fact, that I almost went home with Kelli Saturday night and spent the night there. Well, then we decided that wasn't going to work out best, so we decided to go on Tuesday instead! So, tomorrow Jonah and I will be heading there to finish all the talking we were doing on Saturday. Kelli and I never seem to have enough time to really get to the good stuff....we just start getting to the deep topics right before it's time to leave. That's just how it is now that there are children in the picture and we don't live in the same town. So we are going to remedy that this time! I'm so excited for our trip and I will definitely post pictures when I return. Especially of sweet baby Campbell whose parents gave him a mohawk Friday night!!!! They are so crazy. And so fun. And soooo don't care if people are talking about them! I just love the Blairs. I wish I was as cool as them.

Yesterday, Jonah and I were in the car on the way home from church, and the following conversation ensued:

Jonah: "What's that?" (Now, he's not looking at or pointing to anything in particular, as far as I could tell.)
Me: "What's what?"
Jonah: "What's that?"
Me: "What is what?"
Jonah: "What's that?"
Me: "I don't know what 'that' is!"
Jonah: "What's that?"
Me: "What are you talking about?!!"
Jonah: "What's that?"
Me: "WHAT is WHAT????!!!"
Jonah: "What's that?"
Me: "Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrr."

Such conversations might be the death of me.

But I must say, he's been much sweeter the last couple of days. And more obedient. I'm loving seeing his precious little personality develop. However, I much prefer how it's developing this week instead of last week! Today, he ran from one end of the house to the other to tell me "Bless you, Mommy! Bless you," after I sneezed. I can't believe he even heard me, but it was so great. I've got to remember those sweet things when we're having a crazy day like last Tuesday and he makes it his life mission to humiliate his mommy in public! I'm sure it's about to get even more crazy around here.....Potty Camp at our house starts in two weeks!!! I'm just expecting the worst, and for most of parenthood so far, that strategy has served me pretty well! I'll be sure to update you all on the drama and messes and adventure that potty training is sure to bring!


Courtney said...

why 2 weeks? good luck though!

Hannah E. said...

Because of schedules/timing! August 20th through the rest of the month are the only two weeks we have free for the rest of the year. In September, several different weekly commitments will begin, and I want to be able to block out a big chunk of time just for potty training, so we don't have to go anywhere for at least a week. So this has to be it! Hopefully he'll want to cooperate. Plus, my pediatrician who I just love and trust thinks Jonah is ready. And so does everyone in our family. It's just been me and my schedule we've been waiting on. I've dreaded it, but now I'm starting to really see signs of readiness on his part and I'm actually getting kind of excited. Weird.