Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Museum Fun

Last Friday, my aunt Jan came from Lufkin, bringing three of her grandkids - Alex, Hunter, and Kate - and we met them at the Discovery Science Place for some afternoon fun. They are some of the sweetest kids. One of the large rooms at this kids museum is full of imaginative play stations....pretend hospitals, veterinary clinics, banks, grocery stores, etc., so the kids acted out all sorts of roles. They were cute! Of course, in that room, Jonah decided to play with the one thing there that he already has at home - puzzles. Go figure. And we couldn't get him to look at the camera in any pictures. Oh well. Jan, you've got those kids trained to pose and take pictures well - you need to teach me!!!

This week has been going really well. As a follow-up to my last post about our intensifying training/disciplining techniques this week, Jonah has had a great week. MUCH more pleasant and obedient and whole lot less whiny. THANK YOU, LORD. He had a couple of typical two-year-old incidents....not done out of rebellion, just curiosity. It's those kinds of things I can't really punish him for, because truthfully I've never told him not to do this stuff. I guess I just assumed he would know that this is unacceptable:

Note to anyone who cares: Never make assumptions. And never leave your two-year-old son unattended for five minutes with a purse nearby that contains writing instruments. My mom gave me some great advice about using natural consequences for this one, and I know now that he knows it's not a good idea to write on himself....or the furniture. Yes, my living room chair has a new look to it. My little artist decided to draw some new designs on it, similar to the ones covering his appendages. Only bigger.

Also. Never leave your two-year-old son unattended for two minutes in the same room as a box of Kleenex. I walked into the living room this morning to find that he had emptied an entire box of Kleenexes and torn them to pieces - LITTLE pieces - and scattered them all over the room. It was a mess. His explanation? He had been playing with his zoo animals, and he told me they got cold and needed "blankies." He had covered each animal with a Kleenex. Maybe I should be proud of his resourcefulness? I don't know. But this kid's imagination is blowing me away.

Other than picking up a whole lot of messes, we're having lots of fun. I just love this age that Jonah is. I have liked all the others too, but it just keeps getting better. It really does. This is so FUN! Remind me of that next week if I sound like I'm about to kill myself over potty-training. Only four more days until the nightmare begins. =)


The Granniss Family said...

Potty training is really not that bad. You have a great patience with Jonah! It's so cute.