Monday, August 27, 2007

A Surprise Lesson

Well, this post really isn't about potty training. I can see from the lack of comments that it's probably not at the top of your list of discussion topics! But bear with a few more sentences that concern it, because I want to share a simple truth God showed me this week. I really have been surprised by how well potty-training has gone. I know it's because of this whole process being bathed in prayer (thank you for yours!), and it's just been God's grace to allow it to go so smoothly. But more than that, I've been surprised by how much I've actually enjoyed it. Before we began, I wanted to expect the worst so I wouldn't be disappointed. But I found very quickly that I couldn't really make myself dread it. I found joy, even satisfaction, through the process of teaching my son a skill that is very important for him to learn. Even cleaning up the messes was not a problem, because I knew it was necessary for his development of this skill. I was having fun helping him learn. And then it hit me - isn't that how God is towards us? He is full of desire for us to grow in intimacy with Him, in knowledge of who He is and who He wants to be in our lives. He wants so much to see the life of His Son lived in our lives. But so often, I think that my learning process - including the ups-and-downs and huge messes I make - must annoy the heck out of Him. But I'm convinced this week that He finds joy in helping me grow into who He wants me to be. He understands my nature to take a little longer than is necessary to get to a new place with Him. It doesn't mean that my slowness (or lack of enthusiasm, to be clear) doesn't grieve His heart; I know it saddens Him to see His children walk in bondage when the price has already been paid to set us free. But He is the ever patient teacher, knowing that we're on our way to bringing Him more glory with our lives. I guess the tenderness and graciousness of God is just hitting me in a new way this week. Even though sometimes I get so tired of struggling with the same things and I'll actually wonder out loud to God, "Aren't you sick of me yet?!!", He gently reassures me that He's not. He's my parent. And he's going to help me get there. And He LOVES doing it. The grace will keep coming because that's who He is. If someone had told me how fun potty-training could be, I wouldn't have believed them. But I appreciate how God has used it to give me a tiny glimpse into how He loves me enough to find joy in the process of teaching, guiding, nurturing, and redirecting me.

Need a reminder of the tenderness of God's love for you, His child?

Read this and this.


Courtney said...

thanks...and no i don't have that cd. but sometime that would sound good...right now i just started a new study and i am very excited about it