Monday, September 24, 2007

Meg is going to be a MRS.!!!!

Some of you know Megan Brewster, one of my very best friends (Megan from Maine). She just got engaged this morning, and I'm so giddy right now!!! She called this morning to tell me, and I couldn't scream because my boys were both asleep, so I chose instead to leap across the house in excitement. I mean "leap" in the most literal sense. It would have been quite a sight, if anyone had actually seen it. But I could still do cartwheels right now over it. I haven't been this excited about someone getting married in a long time! Meg has so fully entrusted this desire of her heart to the Lord, and it is just so fun to see Him bless her for that and "return" what she's given up to Him. She is such a godly, wise girl who knows that marriage won't fulfill her in the way that so many women think, and God is going to be so lifted up because of this marriage. Beautiful! Congratulations, Nick and Megan!!! I love you, Meg....soon-to-be Meg CORNWELL!!!

Well, this last weekend was one of hearing exciting news from several friends. One of those friends is a girl I went to college with. Give her blog a visit! Welcome to the blogging world, Melody! I'm so glad to see how God has answered prayers and blessed your trust in Him.


The Granniss Family said...

That is so exciting about your friend! I saw Melody's good news too! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to check in on your. Hope all is well!

MW :-)

Courtney said...

where've you been? hope all is well