Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Chair Needs Help

That consignment sale has started selling furniture and home decor too. I went back for this parsons chair I saw:

However, neither the style nor color matches anything in my home, and I needed it for my yet-to-be-furnished "formal" living room, so I bought this brown slipcover to match the blue and brown color scheme:

BUT....I'm having issues because I don't know how in the heck I'm supposed to get the wrinkles out of it!! It says cool iron only, but it's been folded in a package for who knows how long, and those wrinkles are not giving up easily. I tried ironing the reverse side, but it was to no avail. Does anyone have any wisdom to share on how to get this velvet slipcover ironed and the pleats to actually look like nice, tailored pleats that resemble the picture on the package??? HELP please!!! I know some of you out there actually know something about this stuff. Please help out poor clueless me.


the melton's said...

The only thing I can think of is to bring it to the Cleaner's. I know it's annoying to spend money on, but it's the only thing that worked on one of our comforters.

By the way, that story about Jonah and the apples cracked me up. I can just see him staring at the apples.

The Granniss Family said...

Hey you made it look really cute! Are you allowed to put it in the dryer? That would prep it for ironing better or near a steamy shower might help it too.