Thursday, September 6, 2007

Missin' Cousins

We had such a great time with my brother and his family here, as always. Nathan seems so grown up to me, even since he was here in July, and Maggie and Jonah have really started to play well together. They're only five months apart, but it's only been since about four months ago that they really even paid much attention to the other one! Now they're buds. We celebrated Joel's 32nd birthday, went to a spray park with the kids, my parents took them to a circus, we went swimming at the pool, and just hung out tons over at Gigi's and Papa T's house. Blake captured Jonah's heart by reading him lots of books. Apparently, that's all it takes to be his favorite....nothing like feeding him, providing for him, etc. - Just read to him! Anyway, it was a big weekend, and we are going to miss those guys until we see them again at Christmas.

Last night was the big consignment sale, and it did not disappoint. At first, I was thinking it wasn't as great this time, as I couldn't find several items on my list of things I was hoping to find. But a big objective was 2T fall and winter clothes, and it didn't seem like much, but then I went through all my stuff and realized how much I got for Jonah - A LOT - and how little I paid. The average amount I paid for an item for him was 2 DOLLARS!!!! It was amazing. And it's really a fun night, for social reasons too. Ame and I went to Starbucks after our shopping, and we had a great time talking. I'm so blessed that God is really providing sweet girlfriends here....friendships that are really fun but also have lots of depth. Ame and I came up with a big plan to get together once a month to do meal-planning, grocery lists, share recipes, and find good deals on groceries....we are both needing some new energy in this area of domestication, and the accountability to be wise in these things will be a really great thing! We're also going to do some meal-swapping too. This should be good.


Courtney said...

how do you like the facial hair...?!

nancy leigh demoss is the author of that study Seeking Him and it is is really challenging and asks the tough questions each week and the homework isn't long at all (5/week)

thanks for the comment on my pics! :) they are pretty fun pictures.