Friday, July 4, 2008

Fun Pics

Where have I been, you ask? I know you didn't really ask. But I'll tell you anyway. Getting addicted to Facebook. That's where.

I don't have any pictures of all the cousins together, or any of Nathan. I'm waiting on my mom to send me some of those. But here's what I do have...

Parker with her cousin Brady, who might be the smiliest baby in all the world:

Just the girls...Parker Jane with big cousin Maggie:
My parents' community group at church had a get-together out at the lake, and since my parents had Nathan and Maggie with them, their sweet group called us to come join them. Jonah caught a fish:

And here are some new ones of growing Parker Jane...

The bathing beauty:
The sleeping beauty:
A really bad hair day:

And one sweet smiley girl:

She is 7 weeks old today. Crazy! She's doing great. Since we're staying home a lot more, I'm going to try and at some point accomplish some projects around the house that I've been wanting to do for the summer. For accountability's sake and the sake of my weird brain that requires list-making, here's a list of the house projects I want to accomplish before the end of the summer:

  • Paint bookcase in living room and finish "accessorizing" that room
  • Paint rocking chairs on front porch
  • Finish decorating Jonah's room: Paint bookcase, hang stuff on walls
  • Finish decorating Parker's room: Have sign painted for wall, find shelves for wall
  • Paint laundry room - walls and cabinets
We're going to venture out today to a local family event for the 4th...I don't know if we'll make it until the fireworks show. But we're going to try. Happy Independence Day, everybody!


Jennifer said...

She is getting bigger and cuter by the day!!! Congrats Jonah on the fish!!! Way to go!! Now Hannah u need to mount these things ya know.... :)

Eric and Ruth said...

Hannah, I just saw your comment on my blog...I am finally posting on mine again! I enjoy getting to read yours although I am horrible at comments. Our baby is due Nov. 25, 2 days before thanksgiving. We are only about halfway at this point. I love seeing the pics of Parker and Jonah. Hope you all are doing well!

Kate said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for your comment on my blog. We'll have to talk more about it sometime!

Ame... said...

Brady is a smiley guy, so cute! And Parker is adorable as usual, crazy hair day or not!
And are you going to do all those painting projects yourself?? I am impressed!

Dalene said...

What a cutie!