Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Great Big Maternity Sale

Ok, this is going to be uninteresting and irrelevant for most of you, and I wanted to post it where you have to click on the title to see the remainder of the post. But apparently, I'm not smart enough to figure that out. So if you're not interested in The Great Big Maternity Sale, I'm sorry to put you through this. I have a number of great maternity items that I'm planning on selling in the consignment sale here in town at the beginning of September. However, some friends have asked about buying from me, and I thought it might be better to try to first sell to friends. So. If you're pregnant, might be in the near future, or you know someone who is or might be soon, then look through the pictures of what I am selling and let me know if you're interested in purchasing anything. I always like to get rid of stuff quickly, so these are amazingly good prices. And the clothes are all in excellent shape. I've made mention of the few that have some wear, so you'll know. But of course, you can come by my house (those who live here, obviously) and check it out for yourself. Since I needed a little bit of cold-weather and warm-weather clothes, I have some of both but mostly versatile pieces that can be worn either season. For example, I have lots of short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts that were great solo in the springtime but in the winter, I was able to layer them under sweaters and jackets. If you're interested in anything, call me and let me know when you'd like to come by this week and take a look! We'll be around most of the week and I'll have this stuff out for your easy viewing pleasure!
Happy shopping...

Ok, first of all. PANTS. Maternity pants look so weird in pictures when not on a body. They look really funny! But these actually are all pretty flattering pants. I like my pants long, so these are all long in length.

Taupe wide-leg, low-rise dress pants, Liz Lange Maternity, size 6, $10:

These are my VERY FAVORITE! Low-rise, wide-leg Old Navy khaki pants, size small, $12:

Navy-ish casual pants with a slight flare leg, Old Navy size small. (Slight fading but still really cute, I happen to think!) The waist band can be rolled down for a low-rise fit or kept up for more support, $7:

Low-rise bootcut jeans (a little stretch in them), Old Navy size small/long, $10:

Medium-rise (also stretchy) Liz Lange Maternity jeans, size 2, $10:

Wide-leg dressy black pants, Motherhood Maternity, size small, $10:

And now, for SKIRTS.

Low-rise jean skirt that hits just above knee. Babystyle, size small, $10:

Low-rise grey (sweats) skirt, Babystyle size small, $8:

Low-rise, straight black skirt, Planet Motherhood size small, $5:

Here's a DRESS.

Green summery dress, Motherhood Maternity size small, $12:

3/4-sleeve or long-sleeve SHIRTS are next.

V-neck, side-ruched fitted shirts (grey or fuchsia), Old Navy size small, $8:

White stretchy shirt, Liz Lange Maternity size small, $6:

Beige top that ties in back, New with tags. Oh Baby!By Motherhood size small, $9:

Black scoop-neck top with bell-sleeves (LOVED wearing this one), Liz Lange Maternity size small, $8:

Fuchsia turtleneck tunic (was a dress but I had it shortened into a long top to wear over jeans), Old Navy size small, $7:

Black V-neck fitted sweater (a little wear on the ribbed part, you know, when the sweater gets little fuzzies), Babystyle size small, $5:

Purple striped, fitted shirt, Liz Lange Maternity size small, $6:

And now for the short-sleeved and sleeveless SHIRTS.

Multi-print top, Babystyle size small, $10:

Striped, fitted shirt, Old Navy size small, $7:

Aqua-blue babydoll top, Babystyle size small, $8:

Pink, semi-sheer (needs cami underneath) fitted top (has a small hole but I kept wearing it because the hole is on the underside of the pregnant belly so not really visible!). Babystyle size small, $4:

Olive and tan top, Dolan size small, $10:

Pink paisley top, Motherhood Maternity size medium, $8:

Mint green v-neck tee, Old Navy size small, $7:

Brown tee, new with tags, Motherhood Maternity size small, $6:

Other TANK TOPS. Some great alone, others for layering or make good workout tanks.

Long, fitted ribbed tank (in grey or grey/yellow striped), Babystyle size small, $7:

Baby blue tank top, Motherhood Maternity size small, $4:

Ribbed tank top (in pink or hunter green), size medium, $4:

And then some ESSENTIALS.

White, spaghetti-strap cami (This is a must-have to wear under LOTS of things), Liz Lange Maternity size medium, $7:

Black Bella Band (wore this during first trimester all the way through and for several weeks after giving birth! It was the miracle worker!), one size fits all $12:

And lastly, a SWIMSUIT.

Black tankini, Motherhood Maternity size small, $10:


AnnaJ said...

Too bad I'm not pregnant ... these are SOOOOOOOOOO cute!

Courtney said... make me laugh! (in a good way)

i remember that swimsuit!

hope you make some money!

Amanda said...

Okay, so I want some things. Not for me! I'm not preggers again, but my sister is. I don't have your email address anymore, so email me at, and I'll take some clothes off of your hands. Are you sure you won't need them for a third or a fourth pregnancy? :)

Hannah E. said...

Instead of re-editing the post or doing new ones, I'll just post comments on this one when something has sold. (Man, I wish I'd numbered these items. See what I mean about not being smart?) Two things have sold already...the khaki Old Navy pants and the black, 3/4-bell-sleeve Liz Lange shirt.

And hey, I've bought maternity clothes when not pregnant before. If something could work for all seasons, then why not buy it when you can get a good deal?! Good investment. I wouldn't judge. =)

Angela said...

Hey Friend,
I want the pink paisley shirt in the medium!!! That is soo cute. Call me!!! Also possibly the old Navy capri pants in the khaki!

Hannah E. said...

Also already sold....

Old Navy jeans and Babystyle jean skirt SOLD to Amanda!

And pink paisley shirt SOLD to Angela!