Tuesday, December 5, 2006

My husband is my hero

Joel deserves an award. He's put up with me and Jonah being sick for the last several days. Our weekend was a blur, and for 48 hours, I could not lift my head....I despise the flu. I tried to be as low maintenance as possible, so that Joel could help take care of Jonah....and that he did! Seriously, he's soooo my hero. He took care of Jonah's every need, especially his need to play with his dad every second. Seriously, it doesn't matter how bad Jonah feels or how high his temperature gets, he insists on trying to play! He could barely hold his head up, and he would be in his playroom making farm animal noises with his little people farm pieces. It's like he refuses to be slowed down, he tries to just fight off the sickness by playing harder. Poor Joel....he's finally getting a chance to get caught up on sleep. He's run errands, gotten up during the night with Jonah, fixed endless cups of juice, taken Jonah to the doctor, gotten medicine, EVERYTHING. I love him. =) Now I'm back to life though. And Jonah is acting fine health-wise, just taking antibiotics for a double ear infection that this cold left him. =(

As if sick kids aren't bad enough, the transition from sick to now-i'm-feeling-better-but-i-still-want-all-of-that-same-attention-as-when-i-was-sick has been horrible today! Jonah has picked up the word "no" unfortunately and has continually used it all day long. He wants nothing to do with obedience today. I knew that "no" would come eventually.....but I wasn't ready for it just yet! Just hoping that the monster will go away by tomorrow morning and the sweet boy will be back. If today's Jonah is here to stay, these posts are about to get a whole lot more interesting, I'm afraid!


Betsy said...

YEA for Joel! Clay once had to take care of me and Scout when we both had the flu (the gross kind)- how a human and a dog get the same sickness at the same time I do not know....glad you are feeling better.