Friday, December 15, 2006

Quick Trip to Dallas

I just got back from an overnight trip to Dallas, and I was all by myself....whoohoo!!! Jonah stayed in Tyler, and it was amazing to be in the car alone in the quiet for several hours. I missed him and Joel, but wow, that was like a vacation for me. I spent the night with my friend Megan, who lives in a guesthouse of this family in Highland Park....we drove around Highland Park looking at Christmas lights last night (one of our favorite Christmastime traditions), and they were unreal. So magnificent! We met my other sweet friend Kelli (and her daughter Carter) at La Madeleine for was so much fun hanging out with the girls. I miss living near both of them, but I love that we are not too far that we can't see each other like that every once in a while. My main objective for the trip was to get a table and chairs for Jonah at IKEA. Oh my goodness, if you have not been to IKEA, you must go. It's an experience. I could have looked around that store all day long. Seriously, it's overwhelmingly big, but so fun.

Tonight's task: trying to get a good photo of Jonah for our Christmas card. We have been unsuccessful in that endeavor so far. But I'm determined to get him to smile for the camera before we go to sleep tonight!