Monday, December 11, 2006

Parties Abound

I hosted a cookie exchange party last Thursday night, and it was a blast. I'd never even been to one before, so I was a little nervous about how it would go....especially because I had invited a bunch of random girls that didn't all know each other. But it went so great! Everyone mingled well and had a good time. I had been concerned about conversation because I had lost my voice the day before, and it hadn't returned by that night. So that was interesting trying to talk to my guests! But it worked. I was glad to get to know these girls better....they were all people I would like to be better friends with....a lot of them are new to Tyler as well and are looking for friends, so it was great to have some time away (without kids) to get to know each other and hang out.

It seems that Jonah and I will never fully get well. My cough seems to be hanging on forever, and now Jonah is cutting another molar. This one has brought fever and a whole lot of nighttime screaming. I'm sure our neighbors are loving us at 3am. He has been acting a lot better the last day or so. Last week was awful....I'm still claiming it was the antibiotics making my son be a crazy-person. Thankfully, we've seen some improvement. He still likes to tell me "no" (which is so ugly) but he seems to be a little calmer and not so hyper and rambunctious. He really loves Christmas decorations....he's been having fun looking at Christmas cards that we get, saying "Christmas tree" and "snowman" when he sees them on cards or anywhere. Probably the funniest thing he has said lately is the donkey sound, "hee haw," but he says it every time he sees a reindeer. He thinks reindeer say heehaw!! It's so cute! We just went into a store this morning that had some reindeer as decorations, and he wouldn't stop pointing and saying hee haw. Oh, that kid makes me laugh.

In store for us this week are several more Christmas parties. It gets busy, but it is one of my favorite things about the season.


Melody Slaton said...

Wow!!! That is so funny how Jonah makes "hee haw" noises when he sees reindeer. That cracks me up. Make sure you get all of these funny things in his baby book.