Friday, December 22, 2006

the Nativity

Joel and I saw the Nativity movie this week and loved it. I hadn't known what to expect, if it would be good, but I recommend it. I know I will have to watch it annually at the start of the Christmas season just to refresh my focus. I just realized how much I have always thought of the story of Christ's birth as a storybook kind of experience - all beautiful and easy. That's North American Christianity for ya! I hate that. This movie really portrayed the suffering and challenges of his birth, and especially the danger involved. It was good to be reminded of that and how Mary and Joseph were at the absolute center of God's will and still faced major difficulty. Just because something is from God doesn't mean that your circumstances always fall into place just how you want them. For example, no five-star luxury hotel when they needed one! Wow, that's humbling.

Today will be a very busy day. Unfortunately, I did not get near enough done this week, and the list for today is too long. We are going to Lufkin tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with my mom's side of the family at my aunt Jan's house, and on Sunday, I will be hosting my parents, brother's family, and my uncle Joe, aunt Joy, and cousin Lacey for Christmas Eve dinner. So I need to get as much done for that today as I can since we will be gone all day tomorrow. Cooking is NOT my spiritual gift, unlike many of the ladies in my family, so I'm really having to pray through this one! I am thrilled to be doing it....I just realized I haven't cooked dinner for this many people ever. But it will be fun!

Jonah has been so sweet. The tree is still intact. Only part of aunt Jeanifer's present has been unwrapped! =) Sorry, Jen....he was too quick on that one. He's still repeating everything I say all the time....he's learning new words by the day, and OBSESSED with colors!! He's constantly pointing out what things are green and yellow, and he's added orange to the mix too now. He knows his other colors, but he definitely has those three as his favorites. It's so funny to us. He really likes to play in his crib during the day...that's his new thing. He always wants us to put him in there, but he gets really sad if you leave the room. And he has a big basket full of stuffed animals that he insists on us putting in the crib with him. He's crazy. =)

Better get on that grocery list!