Thursday, March 22, 2007

Almost the Weekend....

Tomorrow Joel and I leave for a Weekend to Remember conference (Family Life Today) at the Gaylord in Grapevine. I am SO EXCITED!!! My parents are keeping Jonah, and I am ready for what the Lord has for us as we get more intentional about our marriage relationship. There are times when you are filled with anticipation because you know the Lord is going to do something, and this week has been just that; I am just expecting that He has a gift for us this weekend, and that excites me.

Tonight was our monthly staff wives meeting, and it was such a blessing. We all shared what challenges we've faced recently and how God has been faithful to us in the midst of them. It was so encouraging to hear people's stories of God's goodness, and I felt like I grew so much closer to those women tonight. I wish that having those kinds of nights was more of a regular practice in my life.

Speaking of God's faithfulness, I am just blown away by His care of my dad and protection of his life this week. My dad is feeling absolutely great. I also am grateful for the way he protected us emotionally during the waiting period. As we waited to know how bad it was and how extensive of a procedure he would need, our waiting room was filled with peace. My mom set the example of living by faith and not worrying about what "might be" and instead trusting that if the worst happened, God would give grace at that time. She just lived in God's presence in the moment. She was a peaceful, faithful woman. And I'm so thankful for that. I really love how God protected me from so much that I think Satan would love to have done in my thoughts, getting me to succumb in fear. Satan didn't get far with that this week in our family, thanks to God.

Following our weekend trip, Jonah and I will leave on Tuesday to go visit my brother and his family in Kentucky. Jonah has been talking about Na-Na (Nathan) and Tucky (KY) all week long. We are excited! We will be there through April 1st, so it might be awhile before I blog again. But I will definitely post an update on our trips when I get back. Please pray for safety traveling!