Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pray for my sweet daddy

Just wanted to let you know that my dad has had a heart attack. He's been in the hospital since late afternoon. He is ok right now (EKG normal) but he has elevated enzymes that show injury to the heart and the existence of blockage. We just don't know how extensive that blockage is in his heart. We will find out tomorrow morning when he has a cardio-catheterization. There are several possible things that can be done, depending on what tomorrow's procedure will show, and these options include a baloon stint or bypass surgery. Best case scenario would be if it were little blockage in one of small arteries and they could just give meds and not have to do either of the other options. But we're mostly hoping that all three arteries aren't blocked so we can avoid bypass. There are definitely signs that point to heart disease. He has a family history of it, he's diabetic (and that hasn't been doing so well the last month), and he has high blood pressure.

I beg you to pray for him. Ask for his healing! I want my daddy to be ok. I hate he's having to go through this. Because he's still in some pain and is taking certain medication, he can't be in a regular room tonight. They'll be moving him soon from the ER to the ICU for tonight. Please pray for me. You can imagine the scariness. I really don't want Satan to win in my thoughts.....pray for me to battle fear and anxiety, through the Lord's strength. Thank you, friends, for your prayers.