Monday, March 12, 2007


Jonah peepee-ed in the potty today!!!! It is a big accomplishment in our world. This picture was taken last week when he thought it was fun to sit there but not actually do anything in the potty. Today, something came out! Yea!!!


Betsy said...

WOWEEE- he'll like that one at his wedding someday. It was SO good seeing you this weekend- makes me so thankful for the wonderful friends God has placed in our lives- even if you do live in the big state of Texas!

Amanda said...

i had the same thought as betsy... this pic could definitely become a bargaining chip in his later years! :-) I feel like I should send some Congratulations card to Jonah, like "Congrats! You are finally on the road to using the potty!" Do they make those?