Monday, March 26, 2007


Wow. If you ever get a chance to go to Family Life Today's Weekend to Remember conference, do it. Joel and I had the best time. It was exactly what we needed to re-energize ourselves about our roles as husband and wife. The Lord really ministered to us and did amazing things in our marriage relationship. We would want to go again in a few years, and I'm praying that all of my friends will be able to go with their husbands one day. The Gaylord was so fabulous, by the way!!!

Before we left on Friday afternoon, we had another surprising event in our family. My dad began having chest pain, exactly like the pain he'd had the previous Saturday with his heart attack. In fact, it was worse this time. So Joel and I ended up going to Dallas really late on Friday, missing the conference sessions that night, because I just could not leave town until knowing that my dad was ok. It is the weirdest thing. We went through some roller coasters, he had another cath done (poor guy) and from that, the doctor believed that it was not cardiac pain. But when elevated blood enzymes revealed that it had to be a problem with his heart, they did another cath, this time, putting a stint on another artery. So he's had TWO attacks in less than a week! It is discouraging for him, I know, because he felt SO wonderful all week after last week's incident, really watching his diet and everything, and it still happened again. It's such a fresh reminder that God is in control of what happens to us, regardless of how secure we feel or what doctors tell us. God has given us two miracles this week in protecting my dad's life, and we consider ourselves extremely blessed.