Thursday, November 8, 2007

As You Wish

Well, a big thank you to the four of you who responded to my survey! I don't feel quite as helpless now. I had hoped to hear from more of you, but I'll just go with it for now. You're still welcome to share your requests though. The first topic on the writing agenda is "Celebrating Jesus with your Children at Christmas." I'm working on it, and you'll have it soon. But for now, I just wanted to check in and say hello.

I'm quite giddy right now, as my hair just received a much-needed color job. And guess how much I paid for it. $6.99. Yes ma'am. I'm thrilled with the results, and now all I need is to make an appointment for a haircut, and my life will feel all together. A big thanks to my mom who did the color for me - she did a great job! I was nervous, because I am used to having it done by a professional. However, the last two times I got it done at a salon, the color did not hold up at all. It just faded immediately and looked horrible. So I decided there's no need to pay that kind of money when it hasn't been turning out well. And I am really glad I did! I do apologize for spending so many words on the issue of MY HAIR, but this is a big day for me!

Let me just tell you about my weekend last weekend. I was able to spend two days in Dallas, all by myself, shopping to my little heart's content! It was amazing. I was able to do a lot of Christmas shopping without the distraction of a two-year-old, and the best part was the quiet hotel room that I had all to myself. Yep, just me. Nobody else. I had wondered if I would get bored. HA! It may have been one of the best nights of my life. No one was there to mess up anything. I could put my things wherever I wanted and know that no one would move them or make additional clutter. The sheer joy and satisfaction that resulted was a clear reminder that I have some serious OCD issues. (Thanks, Dad.) It's just that it's so nice when things are in order and they stay that way. And those of us who have more than just ourselves in our family know how rare that is! Well, I don't know. Some of you may have figured out how to create order in your homes and maintain it despite children ,and you might actually "manage your household." For me, that term is such a joke. But anyway, it was a marvelous weekend. I felt so refreshed. The only downer was hitting my knee hard on the corner edge of the coffee table in the hotel room. No great story there. I just walked into it. That's how graceful I am. I was in great pain for one whole day, a day when no one was with me to listen to me whine about it. Such a shame. I was quite dramatic about it in my head though.

There's one other thing I wanted to say because I tend to forget the cute little things my child says, and I hate that. This morning he heard me wonder aloud if Gigi could color my hair today, and he looked at me with the strangest look. I didn't think much about my words, but then I saw the wheels turning in his brain as he looked towards his basket full of crayons. I assured him that she would not use crayons and reminded him that we don't color on anything other than our coloring books or paper Mommy gives him. (By the way, coloring has been his favorite activity the last two weeks. It's ALL he wants to do.) I explained what Gigi was going to do to my hair, and he just kept looking at me with the most bewildered look. I asked him what he thought about that, and he sighed and slowly said (as if giving up on understanding this strange thing), "I don't know anything." HEEHEE. He's funny.


Christa said...

I am a bit envious right now...not about the hair dye (although that is fabulous, but about your weekend). What a gift!!! You thought you would be bored?
And , I personally think $6.99 is all anyone should pay on hair dye, but I am super cheap so maybe others are who you want to consult about beauty topics. Glad you had a great weekend.

Becky said...

I must say I am a bit jealous as well about the weekend away!!! What a treat! When I was working, I would occasionally go off for 48 hours or so for meetings - I loved the quiet time in the hotel room! I don't want to work those hours any more, but sometimes I long for those quiet times!
On the subject of hair coloring - I'm am probably one of a very few people my age who can say, I have never put any color of any type in my hair. I've always wanted to but have been too chicken!
Your hair always looks great, though, no matter what color or whether it is straight or curly! You are lucky!

Courtney said...

yeah for you. we watched the preview...but i haven't had a cell phone and now that i do (i borrowed one) i don't have ANY numbers except those that jeff i could'n tcall you to tell you how excited we are that jonah is back! (i don't want to give anything away, but i am glad that jax and jonah can play it out...i just hope jax can convice jonah to be a good guy again! :)))

khowze said...

How refreshing to have a weekend away. I got one a couple months ago and it was great!! Before kids I did not really crave alone time...but now it is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Two days alone by yourself? What an amazing thing!!! Glad you enjoyed it!

the melton's said...

The hair-coloring story made me laugh out loud. I can just picture his sweet little face trying to process everything!