Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, Lots of Stuff...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a great visit in Oklahoma with Joel's side of the family. We've just been readjusting back to normal life all this week. This week has been officially dubbed the "Get My Life Back Together Week" and I've been at home every day except when absolutely necessary to get out for something. I couldn't even think about getting out Christmas decorations until my house was in better order. Time for confession. You see, I hadn't cleaned my house (or cooked a meal) in months. It's sad. It really is. I've spent the last two months feeling entirely overwhelmed by every task and in every area of my life. I was so far behind in everything. So I decided upon returning home after Thanksgiving that I couldn't live in this kind of environment any longer! Thankfully, how I felt physically had finally improved to the point where I could unload the dishwasher, enforce the picking-up-toys-rule with my child, and do some more of the very basic housekeeping chores. I'm nowhere close to normal yet. But at least two rooms in my house are clean right now. That's right. I spent the last four days at home cleaning, and I only have two rooms actually all clean. My productivity rate has gone way done. But I don't care. I just won't go in those other rooms. And I won't let you either. But finally, I'm starting to feel satisfaction from knowing that the dirty clothes are no longer winning. They defeated me for about nine weeks and more than one member of the family had to naked on occassion, but that is not the case anymore. I'm back. And no one is happier than my husband. Evidently, he missed me. =)

Jonah and I decorated our living room Christmas tree this morning, and I had such a sweet time with my son. He got so excited about the "ormanents" or "ornerments" and has picked out his favorite one already - a green one (his favorite color) that we got in Kentucky when visiting my brother's family last has a horse on it, of course, and that is just the most exciting thing in his world so far today. This Christmas decorating has been a slow process though. I didn't realize how much I'd be slowed down this year by a 2 year old. Jonah sustained two minor decorating injuries this morning. First, he cut his finger on a box that holds Christmas ornaments. It was bleeding a lot, but he was very insistent on NOT wearing a band-aid. I thought all kids liked band-aids. What little boy doesn't want a Spiderman one on his finger? I had to bribe him with chocolate. Strange. And then, he poked himself in the eye with the star that we were about to put on top of the tree. But eventually he realized that it probably wasn't in his best interests to get into all of the stuff Mommy had told him not to touch, what with the bleeding and sore eye and all, and we finally got it done.

So, for those of you wanting the pregnancy details...I am 14 and a half weeks pregnant right now and finally feeling like it's real. I spent four weeks in intense nausea. I felt a lot like I did with Jonah, just didn't throw up quite as much. (If you don't know, I spent the first 19 weeks of pregnancy with him throwing up pretty much everything that went into my mouth -even sips of water- and then was still fairly sick for a few more months....the last time I threw up was at 29 weeks. So much for the "you'll feel better in the second trimester" advice people give you. I wanted to slap those people. I still do.) So I thought things were going to be that way again, but then at 9 weeks pregnant, I started to notice a definite improvement in my nausea. I throw up when I first wake up in the morning, but that's pretty much it. And I get really nauseous if my stomach gets empty. But I was able to function a little better the last month than that first one. And then, this week, I've seen another significant improvement in how I've felt. Finally, most foods are tasting good again. So I'm really thankful that the sickness hasn't been so extreme this time. I think it's more normal pregnancy sickness, which is a huge blessing, because I don't know how I could survive the extreme kind again since I do have a child to take care of this time! And I've even been thankful to have been sick at all. It's been somewhat of a reassurance to me during the last couple of months that things are looking ok with this pregnancy. All of the emotional issues of this pregnancy will have to be saved for another post! Let's just say it was a really good thing that I was doing a Bible study called Calm My Anxious Heart! But I'm feeling really excited now. Jonah has already been very affectionate to this baby and wants to give it lots of hugs and kisses. My belly is often covered with slobber, and it's sweet but pretty gross. I have already started showing a little and have been wearing some maternity clothes. My, how things have progressed faster with this pregnancy than with my first! I guess keeping food down really makes a difference. Jonah says it's "a girl baby" and he assures us that it's a sister. We think he's crazy. I'd be very surprised if it was a girl. And I'd probably be in need of some therapy. But we'll find out who's right on January 7th, assuming baby cooperates.

Sorry for this long post, but Jonah is with my mom right now, and I finally have some uninterrupted time to catch up with some blogging. My parents are taking him to our town's Christmas parade tonight. I'm sure he will come home all wired and hyper before bedtime. Daddy will be the one to have to deal with that, as I'm having dinner with a few friends at one of my favorite restaurants. I'm really excited...mostly about the company but also a whole lot about the eating part. I need to cut this short now so that I can go wash and dry my hair. I figure since I am, after all, getting my life back together this week, I should probably start fixing my hair again. And I had planned on writing about the Christmas ideas on this post. Sorry for the delays on that one! It will come before December 1st. I would promise, but since there are people in my life who have a history of making life exciting for us...oh, by having heart attacks and things like that, I can't make promises about blogging. Whenever I do, something comes up. And I don't want anything else to come up!!!

You may have noticed that I finally added links to friends' blogs, but please know that my brain is not a normal brain right now, and if I've forgotten yours, I didn't mean to. Please let me know. I just added them really quickly, and I know I've forgotten some. My memory is my enemy right now. I have had a few friends start blogging recently, and I want you to be able to check theirs out. Like Christa, for example. She tends to have very insightful things to say. She'll hate that intro, but oh well, it's true. Now....if only Amy Luce and Ame Hanson will get their acts together and start blogging, I'll be a happy girl.


Wow, I just realized that I'm feeling pretty fiesty today. Pregnancy-brain has definitely begun its takeover.


Becky said...

When I was pregnant with Sarah and so sick, my house completely fell apart. I remember Brent's grandmother made an unannounced visit one day - I thought I would die!!! It's just so hard when you feel like that! Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm still having a hard time staying on top of things - and I am NOT pregnant! (I guess we are birthing a church, though!!!)

Christa said...

Oh, the pressure from that intro. Must come with lots of wisdom and insight...HA HA! People will soon see the truth, no big insight here but thanks for the mention. I am glad you are starting to feel better. I will see you soon!