Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, some of you know this already, but yesterday when my dad was in recovery from his surgery, he began having bad chest pains similar to the kind he had in March with his two heart attacks. So yesterday afternoon was spent waiting in an ER, then getting admitted to the hospital yesterday evening, not really knowing much of anything. Late last night his cardiologist came by and they received blood tests back that showed an elevated enzyme level, indicating a problem with his heart. He will have a heart catheterization this morning to take a look at what is happening in his heart. Please pray that whatever injury to the heart that exists is a minor condition resulting from surgery "trauma" and can be easily fixed while they are already in there.

Thank you so much for your prayers. And to those of you who have been calling and sending text messages, please know that your thoughtfulness and care has meant so much. It is hard for me to respond to all of the text messages, especially since the information to give isn't usually all that concise. So I will mainly rely on this blog to communicate the details of his situation and health. Thank you for understanding that! Unfortunately the hospital doesn't have wireless access, so they may not be the most timely updates, but I will do it when I can. Again, a big thank you for your prayers and support to our family.


Betsy said...

I'll be praying.

Amanda said...

We're lifting up prayers here in bville, hannah. update us when you can!