Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Nesting" Baby Shower

Recently, some friends and I helped throw a sip-n-see for a friend who just had her first child, a sweet baby boy. We went with a modern bird/nesting theme, and though it was extremely simple, I thought it turned out just darlin. Thought I'd share some photos for you all who enjoy party inspiration:

Kate made these cupcakes...beautiful. (Instructions/helpful hints on those can be found on her blog.)

And below are some pictures of shower guests. I realize the shower isn't about me, but still I can't look at these shower pics and not think about how blessed I am to have such amazing ladies in my life. I can't believe the community of authentic, generous, loving friends I've found myself in here in our town and especially in our church. I have to say it. Because I just can't get over it.

Beautiful mom and baby of honor:
Jennifer loving on the baby:
Kristin and Robyn:
Maureen, me, and Kate:

And for pictures from another friends's shower (Adriane) that I helped host but was unable to attend, see this post from Kate.


Amanda said...

Wow, I love birds themed things! Too precious!! I love the willowy look of the vases too. Very cute!