Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Miracle Baby


My child doesn't always act like this. He's unique, but he was in an unusual performing mood for this particular video. Hyper. His mother's laughing pushed him a little further too. I happen to love the line "I stand alone on the Word of God" the first time he sings the B-I-B-L-E song. I bet you couldn't sing that line just like he does! He nails it the second time around though.


Parker has finally really started crawling. It's such a dainty crawl though. Very girly. She's not yet very fast, thankfully. On Monday night, she saw some little pieces to a game that Joel, Jonah and I were playing and she got motivated by them to start moving! She wanted the game pieces so badly. So we finished up our game while keeping her little paws off of everything as best we could, and then we were sitting around watching her go. Jonah wasn't paying any attention to her, and I excitedly said, "Look at your sister! She's crawling now!" He took a quick look at her, seemingly disinterested, turned back to what he was doing and, with no expression whatsoever, said, "Yeah...she's a miracle baby."

What?! Where in the world did he get that??


Courtney said...

P-RECIOUS! I love it. He is so cute and so smart and so sweet! Loved the drool :)

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That is so precious. Kids are very fun.
Enjoy them while you can.