Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Places at Once

This weekend, Joel and I were blessed to be able to attend Family Life's Weekend to Remember conference again, and I am overwhelmingly grateful. I'm in love with my husband. I have more to say about that and how energizing this conference and weekend getaway was for us. But that post will have to wait. There's a lot going on right now. I was refreshed in so many ways this weekend, and, in some ways, that is still the case. But I also feel completely drained. We cut our trip short a little bit due to a difficult family situation. My nephew Brady has been hospitalized since yesterday morning with a staph infection on his lower abdomen, and he is very sick. This has been hard. He's in a lot of pain. It's heavy. And scary. And difficult. What I'm going through is nothing in comparison to what Brady's mom and dad are experiencing right now as they wait for him to get better, not able to comfort their baby at all. But still, I am exhausted physically and need a fresh supply of energy in order to be helpful with taking care of Nathan and Maggie tonight and tomorrow. I also really need to spend time preparing for my Bible study class this week, and I'm really unsure when that will happen. Frankly, it's not where my head is at all. It's occupied with praying, thinking about Brady, and doing all the things that need to get done in order to meet everyone's needs. I know that when I find that time for study, it will be good. It will be just what I need. I'm yearning for it. But I just don't know how everything is going to fall into place the next few days. And I'm really sick with sadness over what Brady is having to endure right now. I'd love some prayers.


Courtney said...

Prayed for you Brady and the family just now! So sorry wish I was closer to help

Shelly said...

Piper and I prayed for Brady this evening. Good to know he's home now. I've always wanted to go to that particular conference! I'm glad it was refreshing for you!!

Meaghan said...

so sorry about brady! we walked past ya'll at the conference, but never saw you again! we got VIOLENTLY ill valentine's night, and didn't make it to the conf. on sun. so sad