Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Actually Feels Like Winter

It's been such a mild winter this year for us, but wow, it's cold now. We had freezing rain on Sunday night but nothing stuck to the roads here to make them bad or dangerous. We had spent that night at my parents' house because we watched 24 then stayed up to beat them in Spades. They are on a bad losing streak to me and Joel, and we are enjoying it quite a lot! So Joel went in to work yesterday morning while Jonah and I got stuck at my parents' without power for a few hours. Jonah kept saying "sorrrrry" over and over again, we think we thought he had something to do with the lights going out! But we stayed warm by the fire and then went to our very warm and toasty house. We've just been busy playing at the house today; it's way too cold for me to want to get out. Springtime will be nice. =)

Church on Sunday was so wonderful....I feel so blessed to be a part of such a good church. Because our church is a multi-site church with 4 different locations, Joel's job requires him to attend church at each campus periodically. We went to the one in Lindale on Sunday, and I was so blessed by the authenticity and warmth of the people, the sweet spirit of worship that tends to accompany that kind of authenticity, and the message of truth on the need for us to all be disciple-makers. I was really challenged to disciple more people and was encouraged to hear the Lord's prompting in some specific ways to do this. I just love meeting with Him with His people!

Jonah has been so funny. Since he has now mastered all of his colors (and is still obsessed with them), he has decided to move on to an interest in numbers. He always wants me to count, but I don't think he understands yet that when you count, the numbers go in a certain order! But it's a start. This morning when I was changing him, he started saying, "six, nine, six, nine," and then later he was saying "nine, three, nine"....I guess he loves multiples of threes! It's pretty funny. A second ago, I looked up from typing, and he was pulling Kleenexes out of the box and spreading them all over the floor! He's getting into everything but it hasn't been bad, because he's very responsive to discipline. Not sure how long that will last! But for now, I realize it's my own fault when little messes like that happen, since I'm sitting at the computer when it does! He's just learning so much so fast...It's amazing how many changes happen between 16 months and now. He's a different kid than he was even a few weeks ago! It's a stage that I'm really enjoying. I'm tired, for sure! But having a blast with him.

Joel is going out of town a few times in the next few weeks, so I am trying to get a life scheduled for while he's gone! I'm about to call some girls about a playdate later in the week and will probably make a trip to Dallas one day next week to do some shopping. I was thinking that I could go to Houston next week and stay with my cousin Lacey and get to see my friend Angela, but we decided it would be best not to do it just yet. I got nervous about making that trip by myself with Jonah. I don't know how he'd do, or how he'd sleep at her one-bedroom apartment, so I'll have to reschedule that. If anyone wants to "road trip" with me to Houston sometime, let me know!

I love that first pic of Jonah in the dirt.....can you tell he is ALL BOY?! He loves to play in the dirt!