Sunday, January 7, 2007

My Sweet Son

A couple nights ago, Jonah and I had our first real conversation....we were on our way home from my parents' and I said to him, "You had a really fun day today, didn't you?" to which he sweetly replied, "ye-ahhhh." I asked him what his favorite part of the day was, and he said "tars" (translation: cars). Playing with his cars (which is what he had done most of the day) was his favorite. It was funny to talk with him like that and him really understand what I'm saying and be able to respond. He's getting so big!!!

Today we said a prayer about something, and he exuberantly shouts "amen!" at the end of our prayers, and he kept saying "again" and wanted me to pray more. So we kept thinking of things to pray about. It was so sweet. I've just fallen even more in love with my precious boy the last few days. Being a mom really is the best thing I can think of.

My brother went back to Kentucky earlier in the week, but Amy, Nathan, and Maggie just went back today. They spent another couple of days in Tyler on Friday and Saturday, and it was fun but sooooo hard to see them leave. I can't believe I won't see those kids for almost three months. Joel probably won't see them until late May, at the earliest, when they visit again. Joel finally won Maggie's heart (she hadn't been so sure about him ever, wouldn't go near him) about an hour before they left. She just bossed him around, and they talked on their cell phones and had a really fun time. And my big accomplishment of the week - I highlighted Amy's hair! I'm so humbled by her trust of me to do something like that! I don't think she thought about it much. But it turned out really good! I'm pretty proud of myself....I didn't know I could do that. I used to have this secret dream of being a hairstylist, so I felt like I was partially fulfilling that! It was fun. I felt like I did something important. =) What does that tell you about my life right now?!

So sad the Cowboys lost.