Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Oh, to have smaller tonsils

Yep, they're pretty swollen. I've always had big tonsils though, ever since I was little. Bet you didn't know that about me. =) I went to the doctor yesterday and finally got some meds and am feeling a lot better....just annoying everyone with my lingering cough. But we finally got out today, and Jonah was so excited about that. When we left Wal-mart, he seriously did not want to get out of the shopping cart. He was probably so glad to be out of his house that anything, even Wal-mart, sounded good to him. He's been so good lately, I decided for us to all go out and get ice cream after dinner. It was a great family moment, but right now, I am regretting it, because Jonah has been in bed for almost an hour and has still not fallen asleep. Oops. Guess we need to limit sugar in the evening. Lesson learned.

Tomorrow night, Jonah is spending the night with my parents, and Joel and I will be going on a date. Can't wait for that! Hope I can stay awake for it though. I'm already way past my bedtime right now, and it's 9pm. If that kid would just go to sleep....=) I need my rest, because tomorrow...I'm going shopping! I've been holding onto gift cards and Christmas money that I haven't been able to spend because I've been sick, and I'm picking out bamboo shades for the guest room windows tomorrow. I've been waiting for this for a long time, and I'm excited it's finally here. =)


Angela said...

Hey Hannah,
I love reading your blog. Jonah is so handsome! You know that Payten and Jonah would look pretty cute together!!! hehe Oh by the way, Payten carries around Jonah's Christmas card all around the house! She has a crush on him. :)
I hope you start to feel better!
Let me know when you come to Katy. We HAVE to get together for lunch.
I don't have any friends yet down here, so I am REALLY in need of female conversation. :) Talk to ya soon.