Saturday, January 13, 2007

It Feels So Good to Get Organized

We have had the most productive Saturday. It has been raining hard all day long, so we have just all been inside, getting stuff done around the house. I finally went through the last of the boxes that still needed to be unpacked from the move, and I re-organized and put away all of the Christmas decorations. They had been taken down but were all over the guest room. Now the guest room looks like an actual room, window shades hung and a new bedskirt on the bed, and no more mess in there! And my, it feels good. I think the "nesting" instincts have already started with this pregnancy, and I'm not even out of my first trimester! That's crazy, I know, but I just feel like I have so little time to get organized around here before baby #2 comes. Of course, now I am exhausted from doing so much today, and I'm sure I'll go to bed as soon as Jonah does.

Yesterday, Jonah and I went over to my friend Kate's house for a playdate with her little boy Brantley who is 2. He and Jonah played so well together!! I mean, they actually played together, not just beside each other, which is what playdates are usually like at this age. Kate just had another little boy, Brayden, in December, so it was fun seeing and holding him. It made me really excited about this baby on its way to our family!!! Reminded me how much I love newborns and the whole baby stage. I mean, I'm glad it's still 6 and a half months away (we need the time to prepare Jonah!), but I'm really excited for a new baby. I've been excited all along, it's just different with your forget you're pregnant a lot of the time, whereas with the first, it's on your mind all day long!

Oh, the joy.....tomorrow is the season premiere for the new season of 24. I think it's my favorite day of the year. =) We are going to my parents' house to watch it with them - for us, it's a reason to party! If you've been wanting to join in the obsession too, tomorrow would be a great time to start watching. I so love Jack Bauer.