Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Emergency Room Fun

Yep, this afternoon was spent in the ER.....Joel cut his hand while opening a box with a pocket knife, and it was a pretty big cut. He had to have stitches, and he was such a brave boy. He said it hardly hurt! It was hurting me just looking at it. Good news is that he didn't pass out. When he first came into the room to show me what had happened, he got really woozy and felt like he was going to pass out. He has a history with that, so I got a little worried about what I'd do if he was passed out on our kitchen floor. So I started shoving cereal bars in his mouth. Seriously. It was the closest food, and I knew he hadn't eaten yet. Oh yeah, and when he very first came to tell me that he might need me to drive him to the hospital, my reaction was "Are you playing a joke on me?" I didn't believe him! He's such a practical jokester, I didn't know. And he is not going to let me forget that I didn't trust him. Anyway, the cool thing is that Joel really hit it off with his ER doctor and talked to him about the Lord. This guy said he doesn't go to church, but he was really interested when Joel started talking to him about it. He was asking questions like why Joel wanted to be a minister and what our church is like. So maybe the Lord started planting a desire in his heart to check it out. Anyway, Joel was being really funny and talkative, so the doctor and nurses thought he was really fun and said they were really happy to have a patient that is not whining. So they were talking to us for a long time. So it sounds weird, but it ended up being a kinda fun experience, minus Joel's hand pain. Oh yeah, and because of the sleet we got this morning, I hadn't been out of the house and hadn't planned on being out of there, so when the accident happened, I was about to be asleep on the couch, wearing my husband's pajama pants, which are the only pants that are comfortable right now. Well, I didn't even think about changing before we rushed out to the ER, so they probably thought I was the frumpiest girl they'd ever seen!! I mean, I didn't realize how messy and unmatched I was until after we were there. It was quite a sight. I'm just glad I had a bra on, because I haven't been wearing one at the house lately! Lucky for all of us!
Tonight we are going to mom and dad's and making tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Sounds very yummy....I'm so excited to eat all of the time now.