Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary To Me and Joel!

Well, I wanted to talk about this when I posted this morning, but I ran out of time, and Jonah was very ready for me to be off the computer then. The pool time this afternoon was great but cut a little short by a random thunderstorm! But that's ok. I'll take whatever tan I can get. =) It has been a much needed time of stillness with the Lord though. As I reflected on the four years I have been married to my sweetie, this became my prayer:

Lord God, I am thankful for the many blessings you have poured on us these last four years. I am thankful for the lessons. I still long for more. I desperately want our marriage to be a picture of Christ and His love for His children. I'd love for our life together to reflect you in such a compelling way that others are drawn to you and want to know you more intimately. Some days I feel like we are nowhere close to that. But Lord, I confess that I do not pray nearly enough to that end. Keep me on my knees for my marriage. Energize me every day to fight for continual peace, a godly attitude, graceful speech, and selfless service in my home and on my part. I want to live it. I want to tear down pride and always be willing to be the first to change when our marriage moves further away from reflecting you. Keep me sitting at your feet every day, soaking in all that you have for me. That's the only way I will ever be filled up enough to love in the way you want me to. Whenever I get up and walk away from that place, sit me back down. Thank you for the huge blessings during the last four years - through the numerous life changes, moves, beautiful additions, and tragic good-byes - life has been full. I am especially thankful for how you have revealed you through all of those things. And most of all, thank you that your grace never gets tired of me.