Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jonah and Isabel

My friend Erin came in town, and we met up with her and her daughter yesterday afternoon for a whole lot of fun at Chick-fil-A. Her little girl is such a sweetie!!! I wish she and Jonah could play more often. And I wish their mommies could too! I had a great time with Erin. There's something so fun about childhood friendships that just seem to always pick up right where they left off. It is really hard to get a lot of catching up done though when there are little punkins running around, jumping, and stealing food off people's plates. That would be my son. At one point, he leaned in to where his face was about 2 inches from Erin's french fries, and he just stared at them. He wasn't going to ask! But he made it apparent what he wanted! Of course, I didn't get my son looking at the camera in any pictures I took, but here a couple of cute ones anyway:

I have to announce my favorite DVD for Jonah's age......The Letter Factory!!! It's the Leap Frog one, and he got it for his birthday from his uncle, aunt, and cousins in Kentucky, and he LOVES it. (Thank y'all!!!) It's really nice to move past the Baby Einsteins that he loved so much. Seriously, he's so far past those in development that I think he was actually getting dumber watching them! I'd had to hide one of them that he constantly asked for. He's forgotten all about them now that Letter Factory has a home in our house. And he's learning so much already! It teaches the letters and sounds of the alphabet, and today he was looking at a gift box I had from The Limited, which has those words on the top of it, in all caps. He pointed out every letter on there correctly....except he referred to the "I"s as the number one, which makes a little sense. So I'm pretty impressed with this movie! He's had that Leap Frog fridge magnet with the letters that makes sounds, and he's always liked it, but now that he has seen the movie, it makes him like the magnet even more! He'll stand in the kitchen saying the letters, their sounds, and singing along with the songs for about 15 minutes at a time by himself. The mommies of two-year olds who don't like to play by themselves much know that that's a big deal! So I just wanted to make my recommendation and see if your kids enjoy it as much as my boy. One of my favorite things right now is hearing Jonah sing the ABCs. He usually gets all the letters in, but always in some crazy order! It's so funny! Anyway, much of our world right now revolves around letters and their sounds!


The Granniss Family said...

Chick-Fil-A is a great play spot for a rainy day! We love it!