Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Baby is Two Years Old!!!

Well, the party has come and gone. It was so busy that it was kind of a blur, but really fun! I'm posting pics for you to see! He had a good time. He really loved the attention when everyone sang happy birthday, and after he blew out the candles (with help), he decided to take the unshelled peanuts that were in a nearby bowl and place them on his cake. He pushed a whole bunch of peanuts into the icing. It was funny. Weird. But funny. We had lots of good laughs! Jonah's great aunt Jan and my cousin Cory's wife Heather came from Lufkin, bringing the three girl-second-cousins, so it was great having them there too. Wish we had had longer to visit with them. Jonah loves his train we gave him. Only part of it is put together yet, so I will post a picture once we get it all together. But he likes playing with it now, even not finished, and he also got a bunch of toy zoo animals that he is obsessed with. The animals really like to go on the train. He's a creative little guy. =) One day I'll have to blog about the lessons learned about children's birthday parties since becoming a mom. I'm learning a lot about what works and what doesn't! The bottom pic is of two of the Lufkin cousins, Alex and baby Reese.

We had a really fun time with Candy, Jen, Eric, and Ciera visiting. We had fun with sidewalk chalk, as you can see below. We also went to Canton to a newer water park on Sunday night with a group from the children's ministry at our church, and it was so much fun. I only have this one picture of him walking into the water park all excited, because the rest of the time, I was in the water. Such a fun place. It's called Splash Kingdom, and I highly recommend it to families nearby. It's one of those places that is really good for both older kids and little bitty ones - and adults for that matter! We loved it. Check it out here: www.splashkingdomwaterpark.com.

And finally, I have to include some photos of Jonah when he woke up Saturday morning. Of course, the only two days of the year that he sleeps extra late are Christmas Day and his birthday! I can't believe it! The two days we were DYING for him to wake up! So, we were in his room the second we heard a peep that morning....and I captured this pic so I'd remember what he looked like the first time I saw him as a two-year old. Yes, he's got a pacifier in his mouth and one in each hand! I wonder if he slept like that! And he got his beloved red donut for breakfast that day, complete with two candles. What a fun day!

Thanks everyone, for the birthday wishes, cards, gifts, etc. I'm blessed to have sweet family and friends who did not let me forget that it was my birthday too! I almost did. I'm off now to attend to some pastoral-wifely duties....I'm joining Joel tonight as he visits a community group. I'm excited. Partly because my hairdresser is in that group, and I really need her advice about what to do since my new haircolor has majorly faded and the blond underneath is showing through. How's that for motives! =)


Courtney said...

way to go on the creativity of the animal theme party! i love it. you are so creative like that...i am doing a prepackaged theme that requires no creativity whatsoever...jonah looked older! thanks for the cute little ideas too about the picture on his morning and stuff like that! sometimes i miss you more than others, and now is one of those times! our babies are growing up so big and so fast....remember our days at the pool with them STILL in our bellies and watching them squirm in the sunlight....little peanuts to big handsome jack and tony....oh the days...oh the friendships...

The Granniss Family said...

Jonah is too adorable! Can you believe you have a big boy? He is so cute!