Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm Back!

Oh, It's good to be back in Blogland. I've missed it. Really, I have. I have always found journaling to be very enjoyable and cathartic, but I would never have guessed what a blessing an online journal would be, in terms of deepening friendships, reconnecting with old friends, and engaging with and learning from people I don't even know, as they vulnerably share their lives. I'm a little addicted to reading blogs, but so many of them have been incredibly encouraging, touching, and edifying to me personally. It has been so fun! I think everyone needs to join the fun! While some may be bored with the happenings of my daily life (I understand!), I make a choice to look at ALL of life as an adventure. God can redeem anything - even the most mundane experiences of life - to transform our hearts and bring Him glory. Though I let myself get distracted from those purposes waaaaaay too often, it is my heart's desire to let Him have His way in all areas of my life. It's definitely a journey. I have far to go. But hopefully this newly energized blog will serve not only to update loved ones of Jonah's growth and other happenings in our life, but also to chronicle to others the abundant life that God breathes into ordinary things. My time away from this blog has only increased my excitement to connect with you all....I've been dying to! I also want to devote more time to commenting on others' blogs and engaging in more conversation through this blog world, because I think it's important. You are important to me. I welcome all of your thoughts as well!


Anonymous said...

Exciting. I had no idea you blogged. I once was a blogger, but have put down the mouse so to speak. I have been wanting an outlet for thoughts, and happenings as well. Maybe I'll consider blogging.
Anyhow, whether or not i decide to do it, I will look forward to reading yours! Thanks for sharing.

The Granniss Family said...

Yeah Hannah!
What great memories we had together! We really do need to get together one day and shop the outlet malls. My kids should do okay if there is ice cream involved! I just started a blog last month so I will have to link you!

Betsy said...

I love the new looks great!

the melton's said...

I'm so glad that we can be blogging friends, even though we live about 5 minutes apart! We love your family...yall are a blessing!