Wednesday, July 25, 2007

5 Things I Dig About Jesus!

Ok, I've been tagged. My very first tag. Oh wow. I feel like a real live blogger now. Thanks, Lori!

Ok, here are the rules:

1. those tagged will share 5 things they dig about Jesus…

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5 Things I Dig About Jesus:

1.) He is full of grace and mercy. His heart is to redeem what would otherwise be screw-up hearts and lives. He always offers us less punishment than what we deserve. And He'll always be sweet to a broken, repentant heart. His grace steps in and allows us to have fellowship with Him. What a sweet gift. Not just for eternity, but for the right-now experience of Him. Because of this part of His character, we get to change and grow. We can move on from mistakes and failures and lukewarm-living because He pours the grace on us. I never really fell in love with Him until I understood and embraced my own personal "grace-story." One of the things that I love about Him the very most is that His heart is to give us all individual grace-stories.

2.) He heals. Needy people always were flocking to Him, everywhere He went. They recognized His power to heal, and many of them could not stand to be away from Him. He always responded to their faith, and He still loves to bring healing to our souls.

3.) His kindness. Jesus is so sweet, isn't He? Even when He allows brokenness and pain in our lives for some purpose of teaching, growing us, or helping us to let go of something, tenderness always accompanies it. I believe it's His kindness that really sets Him above all other (little-g) gods and what leads us into repentance. I'm glad I finally know this part of His character. Sadly, for a long time, I lived without fully understanding His love for me on a personal level. But He loves to give sweet, personalized messages of love to us!

4.) He knows what it's like to hurt. He experienced great pain on the earth, and the way that blesses me is that it allows for some intimacy with Him that is possible only because of the suffering. Scripture speaks of us being able to share in the fellowship of His sufferings (Philippians 3:10). I know personally that it is a good fellowship with the Lord. A deep fellowship. One that marks you for life. When I experienced a miscarriage earlier this year, there was a moment when nothing else could comfort me in my aloneness than knowing that Christ Himself knew what it was like to suffer....not only to have sorrow over pain but also to have sorrow over having to endure it alone. See His Garden of Gethsemane experience: Mark 14:32-42. That comforted me like crazy.

5.) He is not safe. I've already written on this one enough (See posts from July 20th and March 4th.) Though dangerous, this thrills me to no end because it means that we were created for something big. Something beyond ourselves and our own happiness. Something that means something and will help draw the world to Him. No need for living a boring, mundane life....that's not what Christ's life is about!


The Granniss Family said...

I love it! Great job Hannah!

Angela said...

Hannah, I love your comments about the Lord. You inspire me to know Him in a deeper level. Jesus is wonderful!!! Hope all is well in Texas!! :) Oh ya, I definitely want to come and see you. Did you say the 2nd weekend in August? That is the only weekend I have free, I think. I will let you know soon... Look forward to seeing you!