Monday, February 26, 2007

Gig's Birthday Fiesta

Last night we had my mom's birthday dinner at our house. It was a really fun family time. I prayed she would be blessed by the evening. I think she was. We missed you, Blake and Amy! Jonah had fun helping to blow out the fact, before we ate dinner, he found the cake and took out a candle and ate all of the icing on that candle before anyone could stop him! Cake was his LIFE last night....he was so excited about it. He's still talking about cake. And he was singing happy birthday to mom; it was precious.

Jonah has been such a sweetie. He's been sitting on his bedroom floor for the longest time this morning, just reading his books to himself. It's so funny! I'll catch him actually saying what's in the books. We've read Goodnight Moon so much, he's already memorized most of the words! It's really cute to hear him say "night moon, night stars, night nobody, etc....." as he turns the pages. He's talking constantly! And he has no idea how cute he sounds when he pronounces things. We ate muffins this morning; he calls them "mummins." Other "big" news (to us, anyway) - he sat on the potty today! He didn't exactly do anything on the potty, but still, it is a step in the right direction. He has always straightened his legs and not bent them and refused to sit when I've tried to put him on it before, which has only been a handful of times. Why the change, you ask. The kid will do anything if you offer him candy. =) Just this week he has started announcing his business before he does it, so when he started saying "poop" earlier, I asked if he wanted to do it in the potty. One day, something will come out in there! I'm really not in a hurry for it to happen, by the way. Too inconvenient for right now.


Courtney said...

he is getting big...great job on the food. 1 hand typing in the dark

Betsy said...

Jonah is so grown up- I can't believe that Sam will be at this point (hopefully) next year- WOAH!