Thursday, February 22, 2007

I LOVE 80-degree Weather!

These last two days have been just marvelous. The warm sunshine is so invigorating. I even sat outside in my backyard today in a bathing suit and shorts and did my Bible study while getting a little tan (hopefully)....I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon/kid's naptime! =) I even bought some cute new flip-flops to celebrate the occasion of this warmth!

I had my first Glory Babies meeting this week. It went well. I didn't really talk (I was even surprised by that!), but I know God just wanted me to listen. To hear others' stories. I did not know what to expect going to this. I didn't know if it would be a lot of bitter people or people just stuck in their emotions without having truth affirmed to them. It couldn't have been more different. Those people I met were victorious. They had suffered so much yet had joy. They were actually enjoying the purposes God had for them through the trial. Truth was being spoken. They were amazing people....they made you want to hope. It was a really hard night for me, but so perfectly what God had for me, too.


Courtney said...

Hey...sorry I never called you back. Jeff and I were spending some time together and then he left for school and I haven't had the opportunity to call. Now, Creighton is sick and so things are rather crazy around it may be a few more days til I can call. I am glad you went to your meeting and that you were encouraged by it. Have hope...our God is Sovereign in all things...he is refining your faith and building you up to look ever more like Him. I love you friend. I wanted also to say that if you haven't had the opportunity to read about Eliot and his parents then please go to my blog and on the side is the link to it...I think it would encourage you too in this path that God has you on right now. They have experienced a loss (eliot) after having him for 99 days and their wisdom through it and even now is astonishing to me and totally has helped me even though I haven't experienced anything like that before.