Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Working at New Friendships

Last night's girl's night out at Starbucks was good. Probably the most encouraging part of my evening out alone was the 15 minutes I sat out in car before heading into Starbucks, talking to one of my best friends, Kelli. That girl teaches me so much through her relationship with the Lord but has me rolling in laughter too! I love her potty-training stories! But the rest was good too - It was good to meet some new girls...I'm always on the lookout for new friends! There were a lot more girls there than I had thought were coming, so it was kind of hard to really get to know people and have deep conversations. That can be kind of hard for me....when conversation just stays at a surface-y level. But these women are great. They also make a concerted effort to make me feel included since I'm the only non-Pine Cove one, and I appreciate that. One of the girls was talking about one of their family traditions....one night a week at their house is "naked spaghetti night" where the kids strip down to eat. They just make a big deal out of it, so the kids think it is fun and they eat better.....and there are no spaghetti sauce stains on clothes to wash! I thought it was a grand idea. Today I had lunch with a girl from church. She is somebody that I haven't really gotten a chance to know and I've really wanted to. She and her husband seem like one of the most spiritually-serious young couples I know....really passionate about knowing God more and studying the Word and growing in Christ. I think there is so much I could learn from her. I love to be around young wise people. We brought the kids (she has 2 - one is 4 and the other is two months older than Jonah, with one on the way) to Fazoli's and had a great time....admist spills and little fits.....we stuck it out, yea us! It was such an encouraging time for me today. We have lots in common, it seems, and I love the way she is with her children. I can tell we have the same goals in parenting and discipline and spiritual training, so I really do think I can learn lots from her. Anyway, it is always a journey learning to connect more deeply with people and make new friends when you are new in a town, so I'm thankful for the Lord's faithfulness. I know He will supply what I need in terms of girlfriendships.

This Saturday, Beth Moore is coming to Tyler to do an event....My friend Kate and I are going, and I'm really excited for what the Lord has in store. The event is being simulcasted in a whole lot of U.S. cities, so if interested, check her website www.bethmoore.org for locations. Just for anyone interested, there are churches in the DFW area, Tulsa area, Orlando area, Houston, Lexington, and anywhere I can think of that people reading this may live. Just wanted to share, if you haven't heard about it....It is supposed to be real personal about her own struggles with needing to be delivered from strongholds.


Courtney said...

did you meet kara loeffelholz